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I'll try to keep this brief :)

Hung out with Rand and his bf at the Cafe, crashed a party nearby, the whole group there wanted to either go to Dragon or n-touch, I opted to go for a spontaneous trip to San Jose and met up with Greg and Chris (crhale) at The Brit.  Then made it over to Splash to dance for like 3/4 of a song before they closed with Randy (sjh22a) and his friend.

During the week
Packed, repacked, organized, and such... well till the last minute, for my trip :)

Found out the night before that my mom's friend was trying to get me a job at her company.  This morning, I woke up with just three hours of sleep and had to re-edit my resume (as the job was more related to my general major, rather than financial analyst) and churn out a cover letter.  Faxed that over, then ran to get my haircut.  Got a call for an interview at two, had some time to kill, so went to Concord/PH/WC for last minute trip supplies.  Hopped on BART in Walnut Creek to 19th Street - Oakland, had the interview... it went well.

Tonight, had dinner in Vallejo as my mom's old dorm mate, and one of my god mothers, was in town from Germany.

Now.... I'm pretty sure everything's packed for my trip.  I really hate that feeling one gets while packing that you're forgetting to pack something.  I'm trying to stay up all night, so I can just crash on the plane.

Tomorrow's plane schedule:

5:50a PDT - Leave the house with my mom.  Hop on the WestCAT JX to El Cerrito del Norte BART.  Take Millbrae train to SFO (while mom gets off at Berkeley for work)

10:40a PDT - Fly out of SFO to Cincinatti

6:15p EDT - Arrive in Cincinatti, rush to next gate

7:05p EDT - Scheduled departure from Cincinatti to London, Gatwick

8/6/05, 8 AM GMT - Arrive London Gatwick

I'm really hoping there is no fog delays getting out of SFO... I only have 50 minutes between flights!

As I said before, I'm trying to stay up, so if you're around, IM me and keep me company :)

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