Rex (rapp81) wrote,

OMFG!  I'm in the DLS Union!

So earlier this week, as I was checking the mail that accumulated while I was gone, I found the latest edition of the De La Salle Union, the quarterly DLS alumni magazine.  As I page through towards the end where all of the class notes are, I almost pissed in my pants!

Apparently my cousin Karina, who works in the Development & Alumni Relations office at DLS, had nothing to do with this one, as she only found out after the Union was sent to the printers.  I had other good looking pictures of myself on the DLS Alumni Website, yet they chose the picture from last year where I'm drunk at The Abbey in West Hollywood, with my fading tips from having my hair dyed blue from the summer!

Oh well, at least I made it in the Union!  :P
Tags: dls
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