Rex (rapp81) wrote,

Sharing Trip Stories

I was just chatting with Jon (SCU / tag @ Stanford).  I haven't seen him online for a while and decided to drop him a line.  We end up finding out that we both did European trips this summer.  What's even better, we both did Contiki trips!  At our last tag game, we talked about doing that (not necessarily with each other, just in general).  He did the Contiki 34-day tour, while I did the 12-day tour.  Ah sharing Contiki experiences... It's the fucking greatest.  Apparently he was pushing some of his tourmate's buttons with his gayness.  And, get this, there was another gay guy on his tour!  I was soooo solo on mine!  Either that, or there were some closet cases.

I tell ya, not more than five minutes go by that I don't think about this trip, and I've been back for over a week already!
Tags: eurotrip
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