Rex (rapp81) wrote,

Quotes from the Trip

Yeah, here's another European trip post!  A bunch of us from the tour are still IMing and emailing each other like crazy.  One of the guys from SoCal is coming up to the Bay next week and two of the good friends I made are also here in the Bay.  Time for a two week reunion!

Anyway, I was reading Connor's (sympetrum) post this morning about where he was going today and for some reason, it reminded me of what someone in our tour said as she did her introduction on the coach.
I'm looking forward to the Red Light District (in Amsterdam) and the Vatican.
Needless to say, everyone on the coach broke out in histarical laughter!  Talk about a combo... lol  She had no shame in making that statement.  Besides, it's not as bad as neglecting to remember having condoms and lube in your backpack before heading off to the Vatican.  I can't beleive I threw away a perfectly good bottle of Wet Platinum!
Tags: contiki, eurotrip
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