Rex (rapp81) wrote,

Awesome Night!

Despite the unplanned events during the day, I had a fucking awesome night!

Joel from my European trip was in town from NYC, so I met up along with a couple of fellow Bay Area Contikiers, Berrylle and James.  Also with us were Joel's brother, who lives in Redwood City, the brother's friend, and James's gf, Katie.  We had dinner at PF Chang's at Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto where we had our two-week Coniki semi-reunion.  All of us were talking about our trip to the three who weren't it.  All good times :)  As we were leaving, I ran to my car and gave a present to my fellow Contikiers... a DVD of our trip :)

Afterwards, I drove down to Chris's (crhale) in SJ to meet up with some of the SJSU crew whom I haven't seen since I left for Europe.  Just chilled at the house for a few hours.
Tags: contiki, eurotrip, sjsu crew
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