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Didn't do anything too exciting, other than sleep for most of the day.  Don't know why I was being a total bum, but oh well!

Joel (one of the guys from my European trip in town from the east coast) was thinking about joining me for karaoke at King of Clubs (koc_luvrs), but ended up not going.  Which is probably a good thing, because of the fucked up shit that happened to me!

The night started off dead, real dead.  Couple of guys shooting pool, Kris playing video games, and Bruce (kor27) setting up.  Then this one, extremely hot guy walked in... I later found out that his name was Patrick and Matt (dancin_whitey) had some upper knowledge on him so I texted him.

As the night progressed it got busier.  I was chatting around with cekyr0, jeffercine, and others, including Steven -- the one Eddie says has a donkey cock.  Well, Steven was really trying hard to get me to go with him when the night was done.  Twice, he lifted me off the ground and put me over his shoulder and carried me out.  Towards the end of the night, he practically grabbed me, pinned me to the corner booth by the door, and actually took my fucking pants off.  WTMF?!?!  I pretty much laughed the whole thing off, considering I was drunk to begin with.  Luckily Patrick was around to help me out and kept guarding me from him.  Then Steven put both of his hands down both mine and Patricks.  Ugh.....  The one thing good about this whole thing was Steven forced my hand down Patrick's pants.  I immediately apologized afterwards, but did let him know that I liked him too much that I wouldn't have the nerve to get all sleazy with him.

Did I even mention that Steven is 9 3/4 inches long and extremely thick?   No fucking way that shit's going into me!  Thankfully, I didn't get raped, but still... WTF?  I must say, that has got to be the most fucked up night I've ever had at KoC.  There is a reason why I stopped going to STD's!

Oh yeah, I saw Alli there as well... total surprise!

Went to the A's game... they lost, but oh well!  I was with my cousins and I got to show them some of my Europe pics.

After the game, my mom just had to go to the ghetto mall (Hilltop in Richmond) to get a gift for my great aunt.  Argh, so can't browse for anything there!  Plus no eye candy whatsoever!

Shortly after I got home, I drove off with my sister, dropping her off at USF, then driving down to Foster City to meet up with yet another fellow European trip tour mate, who was in town from LA.  We had dinner and chatted about the trip and my job hunt.

When that was done, I decided to drive down to KoC for suicide karaoke.  Did a few rotations, then headed down to see crhale, schnup009, and Greg at The Blank in downtown SJ.

Then it was my 60 mile drive back up to Hercules!  I commute too much and it's not for work... how sad is that?

BTW, I'm heading down to the Southland again for yet another family thing this weekend.  I only have some plausible free time while I'm at Disneyland on Friday.  One of these days I'll be down there w/o the family so I can actually meet up with people!

Tags: contiki, eurotrip, koc, sjsu crew

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