Rex (rapp81) wrote,

WIR (Part 1)

Left at around 4:45.  Bottlenecks were at the usual Bay Area spots: Walnut Creek into Alamo, and Dublin/Pleasanton to Livermore.  Stopped by In 'n Out in Kettleman City for dinner.  My sister spotted some of her former (and HOT) De La Salle classmates (one of them wearing a DLS jacket gave it away... yes Scott (biglovescott) I'm not the only DLS alum who sports off DLS Pride!).  But because my sister's retarded, she starts hiding.  One of them was a current DLS senior (who should have been going to school the next day) and was in choir with my sister and also did rugby.

When she starts hiding, I start yelling out, what has Carondelet taught you?!?  My sister and I tried to figure out why they were driving down (along with a mom and some girls, one of which was from CHS).  I even called my cousin to ask if the Mission Viejo game was this weekend.  Believe it or not, I've stopped following the DLS Varsity FB schedule!  Well, except for the Palma game, which Trenner and I are going to in October!  Apparently, it wasn't this weekend.  So I told my sister that I hoped we bumped into them in Disneyland.

Eventually, we got in to the Southland's San Fernando Valley at around 10:30.

Disneyland!!!  The park was virtually empty!  Longest wait time, 30 minutes, average 15!  Sweet!  We first hit Space Mountain.  While approaching the end of the queue, the ride stopped, the work lights turned on, and one of the hot cast members walked the immediate track area.  Soon, everything was squared away, and onto the ride we went.  WOW!  It's awesome!  I do miss the red neons though... lol

We spend most of the day there, had dinner at House of Blues in Downtown Disney, then went into California Adventure.  We tried to walk over to California Screamin', but the Toy Story block party was going on.  There was a group of obviously gay guys watching, drooling over some of the performers.  I walked by them to do the same!  Afterwards, we head over to find out that Californa Screamin' was closed and has been for a month due to an accident :(  argh!  We head over to Tower of Terror, and ride that back to back, since there was NO line for that.

We head back over to Disneyland, ride Space Mountain once more, then do some shopping.

I drive back up to the Valley to drop my sister off, then head off to West Hollywood to meet up with Ken and a friend of his from Vancouver.  As I said in my phone post, WeHo is so much better than the Castro.  I don't have to work hard to stand out from the queeny ass Asian FOBs, because there wasn't any!  Plus there were a few hot guys checking me out, which rarely happens in the Castro!  I guess the small sized O'Neill shirt I was wearing was a hit :)  lol.

I met up with Ken at the Mother Lode... where the drinks were cheap, and the guys were GUYS, you know the unsuspecting type of guys :P  That's so my kinda guy :)  And that's where I was getting most of the looks.  Ryan, Ken's cute friend, offered a round of drinks, so they got jack/cap 'n coke, and I got a long island.  I forgot they server long islands at this place in pint glasses!  That's how I got fucked (figurtively) the last time I was in WeHo.  But I restrained myself this time... especially since the last time I was out with Ken was in the Castro right before I left for Europe where Badlands was having $1.50 well drinks.

The three of us ventured around WeHo, all the time, flirting with Ryan, who actually said I was cute.  Oh, how my self-esteem got a huge boost!  I was totally digging him.  We were totally making out, and groping (yeah, drunk at this point!), Ken joined in the groping action.  God, I'm such a slut!  I would have gone back with Ryan, but his hotel was in Santa Ana, and I had to trek back up to the Valley :/

Seriously though, the entire night was a huge self-esteem boost for me!  As I said, hot guys checking me out, making out with cute guys that thought I was cute...

Anyway, more on the weekend later


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