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And I didn't even run around as much!

Yesterday kicked ass!

Went to Alex's (cekyr0) birthday party in South San Jose.  Then left with Bjorn (entropyca), David (deekers), and Stan (trivialt), picked up Dave's friend Eric, and headed up to Stanford for a game of tag.  A ton of newcomers, but yet a small crowd.  A bunch of us for some reason or another were not as gusto as we usually were, so we left it for all the newcomers who were like, "this is fucking cool!"  I ended up being a lazy ass with Jon and swaped Contiki stories :)  It's so funny, the last time we were at tag, we both talked about going to Europe for the summer, and we did, through Contiki!

After the game, the group I was with opted out of In 'n out and headed back to Alex's, where we saw a few still partying around ever so slightly.  I stayed there for about an hour and headed back up.
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