Rex (rapp81) wrote,

Nice Weather + Waterworld Concord + Shirtless Gay Guys Running Amuck = ?

Oops, I thought I posted this, but I forgot to click post!

After doing some morning logistical things, like helping a friend's dad out with a website, I ventured over to Waterworld in Concord for Gay Day. It was great to meet up with all of my South Bay/Lower Peninsula friends at a spot that only 15 minutes away from my house (versus the hour or so drive down there!)

I met up with Jeff (jeffercine), Alex (cekyr0), Gabe (chargerboy), and Tim (timenchanter) at the gate and soon were met with Stan (trivialt) (as it was his birthday), Jason (kozmic_tar), and Kelly (trolan) for a funfilled day in the water!

It was mostly guys this year, and along with that, a very low attendance number. But still a good enough crowd, nonetheless. When I got there, there were a bunch of latin junior high kids in front of me, not knowing what the theme day was. One of the boys was like WTF? Those ghetto ass boys from Concord! lol

Of course, there was a lot of eye candy from the WW staff. I kept joking around with myself, trying to figure out which HS they attended/go to. It's all about those boys from WC / Lamorinda (Lafayette-Moraga-Orinda) / Tri-Valley :P Yeah, there are a few from other communites in Central Contra Costa, but those three top the list!

And who could miss out on the free peep shows at the urinals?  lol

Ok, depsite the lustful thoughts that occured during the day, for the most part I did just focus on enjoying time with my friends, riding some of the rides several times.

Going into the park, I didn't bring much with me... not even a towel, as I do tend to dry off fast w/o one. (lack of body hair kinda does that! lol) When we parted at the end of the day, I didn't even bother putting my tshirt back on. so I drove along Highway 4 shirtless. I don't think I've done that before. heh
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