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Go DLS c/o '99!

In this week's edition of The Catholic Voice, the Diocese of Oakland's weekly newspaper, there's an Informational Guide insert for the diocesean high schools, in preparation for the upcoming admissions process.  Under De La Salle's profile, there's a picture of students at a rally or something.  When I take a closer look at it, I realized that it was MY class, either early senior year or late junior year!  Now why in the world would they use a picture that's at least seven years old?!?  You can so tell the picture looks dated because none of the guys are wearing Abercrombie, Hollister, or American Eagle!  Today, pretty much 80% of the guys at DLS wears that!  My class lacked fashion sense, without a doubt!

I would scan the thing, but the image itself is small and extremely pixelated, in the newspaper sense.

EDIT:  According to the profile, it costs $10,700 (including book fee) to attend DLS for a year.  My senior year in 98-99, it was $6,380 (including book fee).  Damn!  FYI, CHS is still cheaper at $9,950

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