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"Look around you, choose five things nearby (choose normal names for them that other people will understand), list them and comment on them: what is it, how it ended up nearby, and why you need it.

Choose five people who should do the same thing in their journals, and write their names below."

1. Laptop - It's my primary means of contact with the outside world while I'm stuck in this hell hole called Hercules

2. Pastic bag stash of condoms and lube - in the rare instance I have a trick over at my house (like that'll ever happen!)

3. De La Salle Senior Year Panoramic -  Go Spartans!

4. Latest edition of Instinct Magazine.  Hot stuff and kick ass articles

5. Closet door filled with band pictures from freshman year -- almost 10 years ago!  - I'm too lazy to redecorate my room, obviously!  Christ, I still have junior high awards on my walls as well!

Hmmm... Who to tag... crhale, biglovescott, slipsbyandstops, natetl17, schnup009

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