Rex (rapp81) wrote,

Watered Down Starbucks @ SJSU

One of the things I wished upon SJSU was a convienent Starbucks location.  The nearest Starbucks is about two blocks from the northwest end of campus, which was a bit far from north end of mid-campus (where my last apartment was) and from the dorms on the southeast end of campus.  You can't imagine how I so badly wanted a cup of coffee at 6AM in the morning, because nothing near my apartment was open at that hour!  Food service at SJSU, even during finals week, didn't start till at least 6:45.

I found out that a Starbucks was going to be at the new Campus Village and was joyed, but that glee soon faded when I also found out that Spartan Shops was just bringing in Starbuck's "We Proudly Brew" program.  Ugh.  That meant Spartan Shops employees just brewing coffee... not the hot baristas Starbucks would hire, and no Starbucks employee benefits, since it was not an actual store.  Lame-o!

Oh, here's the Spartan Daily News Link that made this somewhat pointless dribble possible!  LOL
Tags: sjsu

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