Rex (rapp81) wrote,

Gotta Love Craigslist!

RAPP81 (11:08:28 AM): I've been meaning to tell you...
RAPP81 (11:08:34 AM): VAN GUY IS BACK!
RAPP81 (11:08:35 AM):
cpher5 (11:08:55 AM): i'm not looking to hook up with a man in the east bay\
cpher5 (11:08:58 AM): ooh van guy
RAPP81 (11:09:04 AM): LOL
cpher5 (11:09:19 AM): he's starting over
RAPP81 (11:09:22 AM): yup
cpher5 (11:09:26 AM): just to recieve
cpher5 (11:09:37 AM): give him a few weeks and he'll offer to reciprocate
RAPP81 (11:09:45 AM): and he's still 48, just like he was a couple of years ago
RAPP81 (11:10:04 AM): oh wait, make that FIVE YEARS AGO
cpher5 (11:10:14 AM): perv
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