Rex (rapp81) wrote,

Argh... I never have enough time to make a detailed post

Alright, I'm just going to update the things that happened last week... Yeah, this is my usual I'm dumb and cannot post events on a daily basis type deal

Saw Todd ([info]zzar) getting his usual morning coffee and Johnathan (with an "H") also getting his coffee.

After a day full of boring classes and an exam for 100W, I had my usual Wednesday meeting @ SCU.

Bus 130... refer to this post

Before KoC, I went to see Chris's play. There was a writeup in yesterday's Spartan Daily. I'm like the only one out of my group of friends @ SJSU who has not been in the SD yet!

KoC night... Had fun as usual :)

Got my tires changed @ Costco... Geno picked me up and we went to Valley Fair for lunch, shopping, and eye candy :)

Later on that night, I went over to Brian's to hang out for a bit. I brought out the Karaoke Revolution. Fun times :) I got first place, with Chris, Roshnee, Brian, and Melissa playing along. After that, Chris and I had a showdown, and he won... because he got 44,000+ points for a song I can't remember right now... Bastard! Greg and I went over to meet up with everyone else at The Brit.

At this point, I was kinda buzzed... Having a long island at The Brit didn't help matters :) After an incident that Roshnee keeps bringing up (throwing up ever so discreetly, barely missing my shoe), we walked back to Brian's. On the way back, we decided to climb up the incline of the 87 overpass on Santa Clara. Then I went and slid down... lame, but cool thrill :P Everyone else did either that or surf down the incline. Yeah, fun times while drunk in Downtown SJ.

I ended up sleeping at Brian's, then drove Greg back to his car and Rosh to work. Before heading up to Hercules, I went back to the house to grab a few things.

On my way back up, I stopped by Sunvalley. :P

I was in Hercules for a few hours, then went back over to Walnut Creek to meet Cari and her newbie, Laura. We went to this sushi place and they had sushi and we had sake. After that, we walked around WC, stopping by Croagan's where it was totally dead. Then we went to Marie Callendar's to see if Colleen was working. She wasn't. The two had to leave and I decided to have coffee at Starbucks to wait for Randy to get his act together. I pestered him to drive up to SF :P

Getting of the central freeway was a breeze and I found parking within 4 minutes. As for Randy, it took him forever to find parking. We ended up just hitting Badlands... the place was packed! Getting home was easy and fast... took me 29 minutes :)

Easter was pretty uneventful... We were late for mass and we didn't really do anything special. It was like a typical Sunday.

I left Hercules to go straight to KoC, where another funfilled night of karaoke ensued :)

Had a group meeting to finish our project. We had the horrible task of not allowing a group member to receive any credit for the project. Out of all my years of doing school work, never did I have to partake in banishing a group member. Basically, this one person never showed up to any of our meetings, especially when we only met during the actual class time.

While going to meet up with the group for a second time this day in the library, I was in the elevator overhearing someone talk about Ohlone Elementary. I went and asked if they were talking about Hercules. Yup! Then this girl recognized me from St. Joe's. She was from the class ahead of me. Oh man, that's so strange!

After working on that dumb project, I raced up to KoC for suicide. I kinda sucked for the first few selections, but did quite well for the last two... even though everyone said I was awesome in all of the songs I did. Heh. Last night, I got to see Bjorn ([info]entropyca), whom I haven't seen in ages! It was good to see you :) Also, Matt ([info]dancin_whitey) kept on making cracks at a certain guy who was wearing a green Adidas jacket. I personally think the guy was wearing that jacket becuase someone who normally wears a red one was there last night.

And now, I'm sitting in class... zzzzzz LOL

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