Rex (rapp81) wrote,


Overdue due to working :/

Ran errands around Concord/PH.  Grabbed a Jamba Juice at Countrywood, drove along Treat and saw some De La Salle runners on Treat running shirtless *slaps wrist*, and some Costco shopping.

Worked in Oakland, disconnected workstations and bagged and tagged peripherals.  Got home early, bummed around for a bit, then met up with Cari and her roommate in the Castro.  Took BART and MUNI Metro over, since the 511 drive time into the city was over an hour, plus since I had to leave early, I could ride back drunk!  Basically hit The Cafe for happy hour.  Got totally drunk.  Pigged out at a mexican joint on Church, which is shameful compared to La Vic... heh.  Then rode back home.

Worked in Pleasanton... had no clue what was going on, so it was a tad chaotic.  But never stressful

Family stuff and such

Work in Pleasanton for day after support.  Ran around to respond to help desk tickets.  Very minor stuff

Again in Pleasanton.  Started off with CG4 asset tagging, but when they tried to grab my data off my handheld, they lost it :(  Oh well, not really my problem!  lol.  Sat around a bit more then got hit with some more tickets to respond to.

Comcast came to install digital cable.  Then I drove over to the store in Richmond to swap the box with an HD-DVR.  I couldn't get it during the install, because I would actually have to wait for a later install date due to what they consider a "longer tech call".  Got a Phase III box, which is the latest DVR Comcast has and it fixes a lot of the bugs the earlier DVRs had.  Now I'm hooked on On Demand.  I watched several episodes of The Facts of Life, Revenge of the Nerds II: Nerds in Paradise, and Dating on Demand (even though it's only for the breeders!)... which is a bunch of video profiles.  There was also a Stanford/UCLA baseball game showing on KRON-DT, but I wasn't sure if it was a live game or an archived HDNet program.  Regardless, mmm hot baseball players in HD :P


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