Rex (rapp81) wrote,

Week in Review (WIR)

Alrighty lads,

Yes, I haven't been active on LJ as I should.  Work's been keeping me extremely busy!  And on my days off, I've been taking full advantage of my free time hanging out!

This is going to be a long one, so brace yourselves!

Last Thursday, I spent the day with one of my long time friends, Michelle.  I've known her since kindergarten, but really didn't get to know her really well until we got into high school, since she stayed with the public school route until she went to Carondelet.  The last time I saw her must have been at grad nite back in '99.  We exchanged emails now and then, especially during our first year in college.  Then there was MySpace, where I found her!

She took the 3/4 mile drive from her house to mine and we decided to head off to Stanford's in Walnut Creek for lunch.  While there, the server approaches us, and assumes we're together for some reason.  Michelle tells the cute server that we're just long time friends who haven't seen each other for six years.  The server's still not convinced, so I go, as much as she's a great girl, I'm gay so it'll never work out.  Then the server goes, oh really? with a big smile on his face.  Hmmm... Unfortunately, I got so caught up with catching up with Michelle, I didn't really flirt back.

Afterwards, we walked around Broadway Plaza, admiring some of the hotness that is of The WC.  We then went back to my house, pulled out some old yearbooks, including my sister's senior year CHS yearbook from this past year, and gawked and placed ourselves in a state of nostalgia.  She didn't leave my house till 10 and we originally met up at 12:30... so yeah, essentially spent the entire day!

On Friday, I did another disconnect and bag 'n tag job in Oakland.

Saturday... Worked all day in Pleasanton.  Then went home, rested for a bit, then drove to Walnut Creek BART to SF, since they were running overnight service due to the bidge closure.  Now, for time sake, I should have gone from the El Cerrito del Norte station, but I didn't due to the following reasons:
  1. I didn't want to take BART back to the ghetto afterhours 

  2. I didn't want to have to transfer at MacArthur, as I wanted to sleep all the way back

  3. The drive on 80 will have more retarded drivers on the road, versus the drive over 680/4 where there's nobody on the roads

  4. And of course, the WC hotties riding BART.... now if I went to del Norte, there'd be the Cal Berkeley hotties, but The WC overtakes them anytime!

I met up with Cari and a couple of others at the Cafe, where it happened to be a lesbian night.  I was soooo not feeling it, and we decided to do an early visit over to Badlands.  On the way over, we bumped into Scott (aairn) and chatted as we walked down Castro.  At Badlands, we danced for a bit, then Cari and I decided to hit the Metro for some drinks.  There, I bumped into Mike, from Stanford tag.  We caught up for a bit, since he wasn't at the last game.

After the Metro, we went back to Badlands, where Scott was talking to someone.  Then Scott had the urge to start pinching my nipples, as he knew I was drunk.  What was up with that?!?  LOL

Cari and I ended the night there and we took a cab back together downtown where I hopped onto BART and caught the 2:20a Pittsburg/Bay Point train.

On the way back, I sat in front of two hot boys and also this one hot guy sat next to me.  The guy sitting next to me ended up transferring to the Fremont line at MacArthur, but the two hot boys were still on the train.  Then this group of people started talking about retarded shit.  I just assumed they were white trash people from Brentwood.  But no... as we got into Walnut Creek, they, along with myself, and the two hot boys behind me got up.  The annoying group must have grown up in Brentwood and moved to WC so they could hang out at Crogan's or Tiki Tom's every night of the week! 

Random note: Aquaman on Smallville IS HOT!  Why isn't WB20-HD available on Comcast?!?

Anyway... I personally think BART should have overnight service on at least Friday and Saturday nights.  They were running 8-car trains and they were full pulling out of SF at 2:20 in the morning!  When we got out in Walnut Creek, the crowds were like that during the daytime... slowly crawling down the steps, out of the station.  Now if BART had service overnight, or at least until let's say 3a or so, I bet a lot more people would use BART as an option to get into the city.  And of course, there would probably be less drunk drivers on the roads.

Work week in brief... Signed in the building in Pleasanton in front of a couple of filipino security guards.  Got the usual filipino interrogation.  Were you born here?  Where are your parents from?  Do you speak tagalog?  Oh, so funny!  LOL

Alright... this is getting long so I'll end it here.  I'm working in The WC tomorrow... oh yeah :P

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