Rex (rapp81) wrote,

Halloween WIR

I'll try to be brief... yeah right!  LOL

After working in Pleasanton, I drove down to SJSU to kill time.  Damn Campus Village is fucking awesome!  It was a Friday evening, and there were dorm people hanging outside!  This was unheard of when I was in the dorms!  Plus there were some major hot guys living in CV :P

I then headed over to Greg's and we went costume shopping.  After that, I chlled with Greg and Justin for a bit before heading to KoC (koc_luvrs)

Caught up with the KoC crew, didn't stay long though as was now a corporate drone who slept early and woke up early to commute :(

Scott's (biglovescott) birthday!  He and Nick picked me up along with Anna and we ventured to Crossing The Bar at Pier 33.  For the SJSU crew, it's was exactly like the Rumjungle in Vegas... price, club after dinner, mediorcure food quality.  I was still hungry after dinner, which cost me $19.  Now normally, I'd complain, but since I'm rolling in the dough, I wasn't crying.  lol

After dinner, a bunch of us headed to the top of the Marriott for some more drinks.  As we drove over, Scott's friend Lizzie yelled out at some riders on a Cable Car and asked them where the strip clubs were.  Some guy gave her detailed directions to the Mitchell Brothers!  Then she yelled out how much? to a bunch of Asian girls dressed up as hookers.  They replied back with twenty dolla!

At the Marriott, there was a bunch of relators there from a convention.  It was funny to see above middle aged male relators hitting on women.

Worked in Pleasanton, then raced up to Walnut Creek to take BART to SF.  Walked up Powell to Cari's loft, got ready, and downed a bottle of Skyy Berry :P

I remember walking into the MUNI metro station at Powell and getting off at Church, but I don't really remember the train ride over!  Oh man!

But the two of us had fun!

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