Rex (rapp81) wrote,

Kickass weekend!

Most of the fun stuff happened last night, but let me give the usual WIR briefs...

Drove down to SJSU after work.  Chilled in the library, then had to make a choice between La Vic or Lee's Sandwiches for dinner.  The latter won, since I got hella good food for just $6, versus spending the same amount for 1 burrito.  I don't need to be an orange sauce junkie again!  j/k

After SJSU, I ventured over to KoC (koc_luvrs).  Sang a couple of songs, caught up with many I haven't seen in a while.

Had a minor gripe at work, but got it resolved.  I finally get to do some technical stuff tomorrow :)  Even though I officially have one more week left on my contract.


First, I spent the day with my cousins and one of their friends, along with my sister at the mall as my mom had a lunch date in WC.  My cousin,
Blaire, revealed that she spent the night before at a De La Salle football game with a bunch of eighth graders.  How sad is that?!? lol

Then we dropped the cousins at the Acura dealership in Concord so she can pick up her car.  There was a tall blonde boy working in the Service office, wearing a shirt and tie.  Oh man was he hot.  lol

After that, we picked up my mom in The WC, raced home, then went back to The WC to meet up with the DLS/CHS band crew.  Mary was in town from NYU so we had dinner at The Cantina.  During dinner, there was this group of 40 yo women celebrating a birthday.  They pulled out a freaking POLARIOD and started taking pictures.  OMG... it's 2005 bitches, get a digital camera!  They must have been white trash girls from Brentwood (the East Contra Costa County town, not the LA neighborhood).  LOL  Btw, The WC is famed to be The hangout for east county folk, since it's too far for them to hit SF.

After dinner, Joe told us that he was going back over to Antioch to meet up with Maria E. and they were going to go back to this bar I never heard of in WC.  Eventually, Mary, Paul, and I check out this particular bar that was across the street from the Jaguar dealership.  OMG... I never thought Walnut Creek had a redlight district!  We were warned that it was a 35+/divorcee bar, but holy shit bro, there were fat ass skanks that made my dick shrivel up inside (and I thought dirty old trolls only did that to me!)   We decided to head over to Crogan's, since Mary has yet to experience the WC bar scene (we didn't want that place to be her real first experience),  Oh shit, hot striaght WC eye candy gallore!  lol

After Mary kept calling the fact that I was checking out the guys at Crogan's, we headed back to the scary bar.  There, we found an asian girl in a trench coat, and two fat skanks hovering over a payphone.  Again, it's 2005... payphone?  Yeah, they must have been ho's!  Paul, Mary, and I just start cracking up in Mary's car.  We approach the bar and find out that there's a $5 cover.  Hell no were we going to pay cover for such a sleezy place.  Eventually Joe, Maria, and a friend of hers pull up and we meet them up in the parking lot in the back.  We chatted while the three drank in the car.  Paul, Mary, and I decided to call it a night after the other three went in, but not before some 50 year old guy drives by us in his Honda Element, stops, rolls down his passenger window, and goes Hey Cutie! at Mary.  OMFG!

After we parted completely, I decided to stop by 1220 to see what was going on there.  It has been six months since I've been there, so I figured, wtf?  I'm glad I did.  I bumped into Matt, the guy I met on that bay cruise thing back in July.  While I was in Europe, I had to reset my phone and I lost his contact info.  I usually have a habit of backing up my phone data, but I met him a week before I left for Europe and I didn't back it up :(  Yeah, I could have asked Randy (sjh22a) for his number, but I'm just retarded.  Matt's a really cool guy and from The WC.  What more can I ask for? lol.  The two of us danced till closing, along with his friend.  He gave me his number again and even called me while I was driving back home, to make sure I made the 15 minute drive back safely.  What a sweetheart :)

So yeah, kickass weekend!

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