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WIR - RAPP81's LiveJournal... Despite the name, there's no rap here!
Time for some of Rex's eloquent rhetoric
I'll be brief, no seriously!

Friday, last day of my contract.  Went to a co-worker's house, had a Tanq and Tonic, and shots of Tequila.  Was drunk before 6PM.  Had more drinks before and during dinner.  Found out another Contikier passed the bar (that makes three.... congrats to Joel (NY & MA bar), Saminh (CA bar), and also to James (also another Contikier, CA bar), so I took some huge swigs of my long island for them :P

For dinner, we went to this expensive japanese steakhouse, on the tab of my boss.  Evan is such an awesome guy, not because he took us out to dinner, but because he's a great guy to be around!

Afterwards, went to a nearby bar in Dublin, sipped like a few sips of my beer and stopped, becuase I needed to sober up and drive home.  Ended up having to drive another co-worker up to his house in Concord because he was puking drunk.  Had to stop twice in Dublin, and again in Concord at Gateway.

Saturday was kinda blah... spent most of the day recovering.  Sunday, dropped by a slow KoC for a few good rounds of some needed karaoke.

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