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What?!? - RAPP81's LiveJournal... Despite the name, there's no rap here!
Time for some of Rex's eloquent rhetoric
So I called 511 to check the current drive times from Hercules to 80 & Fourth Street in SF, which is a distance of 23 miles, with a "clear and free" estimated drive time of 22 minutes.

The estimated driving time is one hour, 32 minutes.  For this route take 80 and the Bay Bridge.
WTMF?!?  This better die down within the next couple of hours, or I'd be tempted to pay an extra $5 to take the Richmond/San Rafael Bridge and go down the Golden Gate into the city!
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crhale From: crhale Date: November 27th, 2005 05:05 am (UTC) (Link)
no bridge tolls if you go to San Jose. 80s night for exaple.
rapp81 From: rapp81 Date: November 28th, 2005 12:12 am (UTC) (Link)
Hmm... straight hotties or gay hotties? Which answer would I chose, Chris? :P
amitabha From: amitabha Date: November 27th, 2005 06:45 am (UTC) (Link)
+$3 for the 580 bridge, I think. Eh.
rapp81 From: rapp81 Date: November 28th, 2005 12:13 am (UTC) (Link)
I would already pay at least $3 if I crossed the Bay Bridge or the Richmond/SR Bridge... The extra $5 would be crossing an additional bridge during my trek to SF, if I chose the latter.
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