Rex (rapp81) wrote,

Thanksgiving WIR - DLS/CHS c/o 99 Mini-Reunion Recap

I'm going to probably detail Wednesday night the most, as Thanksgiving day itself and the rest of the weekend was kinda not as eventful.

I ended up being called in to work a couple of hours at 1800 Harrison in Oakland for a disconnect.  Took BART over from Walnut Creek.  After work, I went  to SF (since it was only a 15 minute BART ride away).  Checked out what the hype was about at the new H&M Store.  Ended up getting myself a black, pin striped blazer, matching pants, and a dress shirt... all for $151 w/tax.  And of course, while shopping there, I couldn't help but notice the pleathora of obviously cute gay guys roaming around the store :P

After SF, I BARTed it back to WC and drove to Concord to check out the mini De La Salle / Carondelet c/o '99 reunion at Burbon Street where Domeshots was headlining.  When I walked in, I found Dan Alexander, he immediately goes hey, it's Rex Poblete!  We shake hands, and Dan asks if it's alright if we hugged.  I was like yeah, sure!  Heh.  Then I saw Bryan Murphy and Dea Franck.  I totally didn't recognize Dea!  Then there was Dave Criss... still the same awesome guy!

As for the rest of the DLS/CHS '99ers that I caught up with: Emily Clark pretty much had the inside of everyone in our class, Rebecca Richardson said that she reads my blog and finds a lot of it funny (in a good way), Sal Bellecci has a gf and owns a house in Concord, Joe Fuston's been going to SJSU for the past few years -- why we never connected there or in HS is beyond me!, people were asking about Joe Mizzi so I texted him and luckily he was at his mom's and came over (Koosh was being a bitch and stayed home).  There was also Dave Biller, Chris Hesse, and a few other DLS FB players from my class and some others from my class who I wasn't able to catch up with.

The night was surreal... I haven't seen most of these people in six years.  Many of whom, I mainly knew through band or Company, but didn't really hang out with them outside of school.  It was really great seeing them all.  It was also great catching Domeshots in concert!  Completely kick ass!  Way better than the other bands, and I'm not saying that because I've known the band for several years... the others did kinda suck.  During my early days at SJSU, Domeshots would occassionally play at the Cactus (when it was still around), but everytime they played there I'd be up here for the weekend or something, so I always missed them.

After the show, Bryan, Dea, Joe Mizzi, Joe Fuston, and I went to Denny's for a bit.  Bryan told some of his Bob Barker stories, as Bryan is a page guy for The Price is Right. We all discussed shit we forgotten about or have not mentioned since HS, like the Garaventa Center.  When the post-last call trash came into Denny's, we all decided to head on home.  'Twas an awesome night!

As for the rest of the weekend... usual Thanksgiving with the family.  The TV was either showing a DVD or tuned into the Filipino Channel (damn Comcast for offering such tripe!)  There was this bizzare show where there were actors dressed up as roosters and there was a mother fucking flying carabo!  WTMF?!?  It was like a cheezy Filipino version of Xena or something!

Went to SSF for my 2nd cousin's 18th birthday, then the Castro, Underground SF (where it was dead), then back to the Castro on Saturday night with Cari.

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