Rex (rapp81) wrote,

The Trip So Far

(This was posted earlier in my blog... I'm going to post all details about my trip on LJ)

I'm sitting at the Burbank Airport Hilton, watching SBTB and using SBC Dialup because there is no in-room high speed except for use on the TV.... ugh. Right now, Scott's ([info]biglovescott) in North Hollywood doing his audit.

Scott and I landed in Ontario sometime after noon. After getting our luggage, we went to Avis to pick up the car. Scott ended up getting an upgrade and we're cruising So Cal in an Oldsmobile Bravada. Compared to his Jetta, Scott's having a ton of fun driving this SUV!

We went around the Inland Empire stopping at various theatres and drive-in/swap meets for After that, we headed down to Orange County to meet up with his friend, Danny. We drove around Orange County, including Newport Beach (hehe, The O.C.) taking more pictures of various theatres. Not having eaten all day, we decided to have dinner at Maggiano's in South Coast Plaza.

After dinner, we dropped Danny back at his house and drove over to WeHo to meet up with Scott's friend, Becka. I have to say, WeHo is a pretty happening place.... even better than certain places in SF!

At the end of the night, Scott and I headed up to Santa Clarita to Ken's, where we were spending the night

More details to follow...

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