Rex (rapp81) wrote,

Another Tragic Loss for De La Salle

Many of you may have heard in the news last night about a former Raiders defensive tackle, Darrell Russell, being killed in a car crash in LA yesterday.  Although the ex-Raider's fame may have dominated the story, you may have not noticed who the driver was of that car that crashed.  Former De La Salle QB Mike Bastianelli, 29, c/o 95, was the driver, and was also killed in that crash.

While at DLS, Bastianelli was well loved for his upbeat personality, despite the struggles he endured personally with himself and his family. 

Bastianelli's death is yet another tragic loss for DLS.  Within the past year and a half, the DLS community has lost a few former students and even a beloved faculty member.

My thoughts and prayers are with Bastianelli and with all of those who were a part of his life.

Tags: dls
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