Rex (rapp81) wrote,

Fuck My Car

So today, I go to the dealer to have my car serviced. I thought to myself, it's just a simple oil leak. However, when I got the diagnostic call, I almost took a shit in my pants... $1400! Apparently, the timing chain cracked the front cover, which is causing the leak. Freaking-a! I decided to decline the repairs and get a second opinion. I was also advised not to drive it long distances, which means the next time I will drive the thing is to KoC next Thursday night and I'm having it towed back up to Hercules that night. (Thank God for AAA Plus Plan!) However, between now and then, it's going to be a bitch to get around. I hate asking to bum rides off people, even though I love driving people around. I'm weird like that... However, I'm gonna have to :/ Anyone willing to give me a lift to where ever everything's going on? I'll be your indentured servant :P

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