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[Posted via Treo] meh

Since I'm on the Treo, I'm having a difficult time typing all that I want to say but I'll sum up what's currently on my mind by saying that at this point, I'm seriously trying to figure out who my best friends are because right now I feel completely betrayed and ignored by them.

And I don't mean it in a queeny, whiney way. I just feel like there is nobody I can completely depend on when I just need an open ear or even a simple face to face interaction.

Not knowing anybody up here in the East Bay doesn't even help matters either

A few weeks ago, a good friend of mine told me to keep tonight open because he was willing to hang out in the city with me... a thing we used to do constantly up till about a year ago. This week, he mentioned that somebody was in town and wasn't too sure about tonight. I asked him this morning if tonight was cool with him and he totally bailed.

He knows how difficult it is for me to find people I know to hang out with locally. I have to either commute for an hour to met up with people or I'm able to drag a single person to meet me in SF.

So here I am now, figuring out that I'm probably going to spend my Friday night at home, doing what I usually do when I'm at home: Scour around unsuccessfully to try to meet new people online.

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