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I was going to set up some emailboxes on my uncle's domain, when I noticed that the default box that was created with the webhost account was using over 58MB of the available quota space.  I thought that was weird, because nobody knows that email alias but me.  When I tried to access the mailbox in Squirrelmail, the inbox revelaed that there were over 71,000 emails in the inbox.  There were so many, PHP would timeout trying to grab from the IMAP script.

The one time PHP didn't time out, I was able to see that it was an email from the Chron Daemon, telling me that:
/bin/sh: line 1: /home/thepepper/: is a directory

WTF?  I don't remember setting a chron job on that doman!  I went into the chron jobs module of DirectAdmin and found this:
Minute: *
Hour: *
Day of Month: *
Month: *
Day of Week: *
Commnad: /home/thepepper/

So apparently from 4/23/04, this chron job's been running and sending error emails to the default email address till the mailbox got full.

Now, I'd telnet into the server and delete them all from there, but it won't recognize any command once I successfully connect to the server.  I tried all terminal variations to no avail.  It just doesn't like me!

The next thing I did, which was a bonehead move was to get Outlook to d/l them via POP3.  POP3 was the bonehead move!

Now I'm having Outlook finish the POP3 processing (after I killed the d/l) and having it grab the headers via IMAP at the same time.



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