Rex (rapp81) wrote,

New Years Eve In Review


Started off with Anthony picking me up and driving us all to Kelly's in the Marina.  We kinda got lost, but eventually found her place.  If I wasn't a dumb fuck and remembered that her place was actually on Lombard, I would have gotten us right there.  But I drew a total blank.

We got to Kelly's and as soon as we did, I pulled out my cold bottle of Jager and two cans of Red Bull I had left over from my last set of all-nighters during the finals of my last semester as an undergrad.  Anthony and I did a Jager bomb together.  Then I had another one with Mary.  Later on I had two more Jager shots with Anthony, Mary, and Paul... who at one point took a swig out of the bottle because I called him a pussy for saying that Jager was bad.

After that, we all tried to hail a cab, but got a limo and headed off to Bimbo's.  That attempt failed when the event was sold out.  It was kinda good, because there was a $55 cover to get in.  We then went back to the marina and hit City Tavern.  There, Anthony and I did an Irish car bomb, then the both of us and Mary had a long island pint.

The coutdown was kinda blurry, but I do remember Dick Clark kissing his wife, who I originally thought was Mariah Carey.  lol

Shortly after midnight, all of us went back to Kelly's, via a pizza stop.  I ended up yaking, so did Paul, and a few others.  'twas a crazy night.

Random events during the night:  There was a hella cute boy that was there.  Apparently a friend of Kelly's.  (Kelly, if you read this... um, yeah! lol)  I later find out that he was in Kelly's class at De La Salle, meaning he was a freshman when I was a senior.  When I turned to Allison to get her opinion, she totally agreed with me, despite the fact that Anthony was next to her.  Oh speaking of Anthony, I kinda molested him that night, licking his cheek while taking pictures. (Mary, where are those pics?)

I ended up passing out on the couch.  The next morning, Allison, Anthony, Paul, Mary, Peter, and I went to IHOP for breakfast, then back home.  It was a great night :)


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