Rex (rapp81) wrote,

Damn Technicalities!

So I got my 1098-T Tax form today... the one that used for tuition statements for tax purposes.

It showed that I was billed $15 by the university for the entire 2005 tax year.  I was hoping that my Spring 2005 tuition would be tacked on there, but when I went into PeopleSoft to check my 2004 1098-T form, it showed that my Spring 2005 tuition was tacked on there since I was billed for it in November.  Damn!

I was pretty lucky to get into PeopleSoft today, btw.  It's the first day of classes at SJSU and PeopleSoft is the only way to current students to add/drop clases (the PS IVR system was taken offline last year).  And as many of you know, the first day is a madhouse, both on campus, in Student Services, and on PeopleSoft.  I got no lag time in processing requests today, but then again, I was in the Finance module.

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