Rex (rapp81) wrote,

Birthday Weekend WIR

Oh wow... I haven't done a WIR in a long ass time!

Went with Rob to Ikea in Emeryville so he can pick out an entertainment center for his new place.  As soon as we walked in I uttered DILF to him.  He had no clue what that meant until I told him.  And OMG... was this dude a total DILF.  In his 20s, blonde, clean cut...mmm  lol.  We bumped into Mario and his roommate there, which is kinda weird because this is the second time I randomly bumped into Mario while I was hanging out with Rob.

After Ikea, we went back to his new place in WC, assembled the new entertainment center.  Then tuned to Dateline where the topic was pedofiles.  It reminded me of

Then we hit Applebee's in WC where Rob and I truely noticed that we had opposite taste in guys.  After dinner, I went over to the DLS display on the wall of Applebee's only to find the pic that I was in was chopped up!  I did spot Joe Mizzi, Jon Chow, and a few others in the pic that's now ten years old!

I first had to make an appearance at a Crab Feed then met up with Rob at my house to drive to SF.  We then headed over to Cari's over by Union Square to meet up with her, Andrew, and Cari's new friend, Craig... who btw is fucking hawt, but straight :(

We had some Jager bombs (finished off the botter of Jager from New Years) then took MUNI metro to the Castro.  Once there, we met up with Josh, Greg, and another friend of theirs (whose name I'm drawing a blank on) at the Bar on Castro.  Randy (sjh22a) also came out and met us there.

After drinks at BoC, we headed of to Badlands.  Josh, Greg, and friend went home as they had a long day, so all that was left, other than myself, was one gay guy, two straight guys, and Cari... at Badlands of all places, where it was freaking packed!  I had a blast getting my groove on with everybody.

We hailed a cab and went to Grubsteak for some post-last call grubbing :)  Heh, I got witty there!  lol  Andrew kept passing out at the table.  At least I didn't repeat my birthday last year... Ordering, passing out, then waking up to have my food boxed up for me at Bagdad, followed by throwing up all over the solo toilet there.

My actual birthday wasn't too eventful.  Did the usual Sunday family thing, had dinner at Hunan Villa in Pinole, which is usually packed but virtually empty due to the Super Bowl.


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