Rex (rapp81) wrote,

I need to get myself a job again!

I've spent too much time surfing the internet... oh wait, I do that regardless!... and been watching too much TV.

Comcast just flipped the swtich on Universal HD for the Olympics (temporarily replacing INHD2 on Ch 720) and now I'm watching Complete Savages, a show that only survived last season.  And why did I miss this show?  There are a plethora of hot guys, as brothers, in this show!  Plus it's in HD :P

Now I know I've been video post happy this week, but here's another one.  For those of you who watched old-school Degrassi High, you may remember the storyline of Claude (pronounced "clode").  The liberal protester who fell in love with Caitlin (the first to break up Joey and Caitin only to be reconciled then broken up again in the current Degrassi because Caitlin made out with Kevin Smith... yes, that Kevin Smith!).  Well, Claude committed suicide because he was a loser and somebody decided to make a music video montage set to Kelly Clarkson's Because of You.  I found the Claude story line extremely humorus back then and this video further accentuates that... lol  If you don't know the storyline, you would probably won't understand why I find this video funny.

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