Rex (rapp81) wrote,


So I just got a call from an agent with the Department of Homeland Security.  The VM he left me was freaky when I heard the first two sentences, because he said something like I'm investigating someone who...  Then I realized that Brian Mother Fucking Trenner, of whom I haven't heard from in months, listed me as a personal reference for a position with the department.  When I called the agent back, I assumed it would be a casual phone interview, but no, the agent is coming to my house since he's in Berkeley right now!  WTF?!?

I'm wearing my gay pictoral tshirt right now... Should I keep it on or change it? :P

In other news, I just found out in the news that Oracle laid of most of the Pleasanton campus, most of which were kept from the PeopleSoft takeover last year.  This sucks, because most of them were told by Larry Ellison that their jobs would be more secure after the takeover.  This is hitting me, because I worked in the old PeopleSoft building for Kaiser, and a lot of the Oracle people next door came to our building's cafeteria for lunch, so I saw the Oracle employees.

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