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You Know You're from Concord, CA if....

Thanks, Cynthia for posting this.  This is soo true and got a good laugh this morning.  I added one on the bottom, mainly because I spent a good amount of my childhood in that exact area.

You Know You're from Concord, CA if....

  • You remember when the “Staples” at Treat & Clayton was “Lucky”

  • You remember when “Longs Drugs” on Treat was “PayLess”

  • You remember when “TJ Maxx” on Clayton was “Alpha Beta” and next door was “Thrifty’s” (with the cylinder scoop ice cream, mmm)

  • You remember when the Dome Theatre was “Century Theatres” and used to show big budget films (Jurassic Park was awesome in that theatre)

  • You know that “Taco Acapulco” (next door to McD’s on Clayton) used to be “Taco Bell”

  • You remember when “Nation’s” on Clayton was a “Mel’s”

  • You know that the gas station across the street from Burger King has a pump that gives you more gas than you’re really paying for.

  • You’ve looked at those two water tanks above Turtle Creek, but have no idea how to get there.

  • You’ve used the euphamism “White Trash Burger” or “Tweek Burger” when suggesting a trip to “1/4 lb. Big Burger”

  • You’ve met and befriended Leslie or Tony at “Diablo Foods”

  • “Diablo” is pronounced ‘Die-a-blow’

  • You remember that the gas station and Starbucks used to be empty lots, and a good place to do burnouts.

  • You’ve made a late night purchase at the “Drive Thru Liquor”

  • You’ve purchased Concord High sports gear at “Sports 4 All”

  • You lived near De La Salle, but didn’t know one person who actually went there.

  • You had nightmares about the Naval Weapon Station being bombed.

  • You’ve been excited upon seeing snow at the top of Mt. Diablo.

  • You swore that Pittsburg and the Monument area were the worst ghettos you’ve ever seen.

  • “Roller World” was the place to be on a Friday night

  • Monte Gardens was nicknamed “Muddy Gutters”, and you always spelled Wren Avenue wrong.

  • Only the Latinos knew what “El Dorado” meant.

  • Ygnacio is pronounced “Ig-nay-she-oh” in Ygnacio Valley Road.

  • Walnut Creek is full of yuppies and Clayton is full of hicks

  • You remember the ice skating rink and movie theatre at the Sun Valley Mall

  • You remember when Sun Valley Mall used to have more class.

  • You’ve bought a burger at Nation’s, then gone to Jack in the Box for curly fries, then made a U-turn to 7-Eleven for a Super Big Gulp

  • You’ve made a special trip to Clayton because that’s where the closest Carl’s Jr. is.

  • You’ve had your hair cut by the old guys at “Hairs The Place” or “Holbrook Haircuts”

  • You’ve seen that old bearded guy riding down Clayton Rd. in his “trike” motorcycle with all the flags on it.

  • You’ve experienced the joy that is “Barney’s Hickory Pit”

  • The people living on the hills above Cowell Rd. were considered “Rich Folk”

  • You remember the “Capri Theatre” (or “Crapi”) before it was a church.

  • “Park ‘N Shop” was of no use to you until “Fry’s Electronics” moved into the place where “Levitz” used to be.

  • Cheese Zombies were possibly the greatest things you’d ever tasted.

  • You were confounded by “The Spirit Poles”

  • “Memory Lane” was the best place to buy baseball cards and old records.

  • “Kasper’s” had some pretty good hot dogs, but the “Hot Dog Palace” was where it’s at.

  • You’ve made it from Kirker Pass all the way to Galindo driving on Concord Blvd, without hitting a red light.

  • You still wonder if there’s anything in that water tower at the corner of Concord Blvd & Denkinger.

  • The yearly carnival held in the Concord High parking lot is the best place in town to get shot.

  • “Skipolini’s Pizza” is the only valid reason to ever venture into downtown Clayton.

  • You’ve gone to Buchanan Airfield at night and yelled at the top of your lungs.

  • You’ve taken I-680 to go from Willow Pass Rd. to Monument Blvd.

  • You’ve gone on a bike ride along the Contra Costa Canal

  • You have no idea what “Contra Costa” means (and even if you do, you’re saying it wrong like this “Cahntra Cahsta”)

  • You knew all about the Elks Lodge, but had never set foot inside.

  • You thought “Peppermill” was a classy joint.

  • During your driving test you had to take that one really tight corner at 15 mph, then you vowed never to take it that slow ever again.

  • J.J. North’s was the funnest place to go out to lunch with a huge group friends.

  • You went to DVC right after high school and were instantly disgusted upon seeing all the same people.

  • Your town’s former mayor looked like a burned out Tammy Faye Baker. This is the former mayor:

  • “Pixie Playland” was your favorite place as a little kid.

  • J.O.B.L. was way better than that handicapped Concord Little League

  • You know that all the old people play Bingo on Friday at the Elk's lodge.

  • You played or cheered for Concord Cobras Youth Football and all your coaches were Raiders fans.

  • “Matt’s Game Exchange” used to be cool.

  • -Walnut Creek is your night life the minute you turn 21.

  • You had to drive to a junior college to watch your highschool football games

  • You know to never park your car over night on Detroit Ave.

  • You’ve seen Colfax St. go from a 2-way to a 1-way then back to a 2-way street.

  • You know that Sign Language is a "foreign language"

  • Again…What was with those “Spirit Poles”?

  • “Water World USA” is the only way to remind people where your town is.

  • You have a sneaking suspision that the "Feild of Dreams" project will ever happen.

  • “WCC: West Cape Cod” made you laugh until you cried, they were a local gang.

  • You’ve been to Clayton Valley Bowl…nuff said.

  • You remember that dive “Bourbon Street” used to be called “Lindee’s”

  • You don’t understand how the “T.R. Grill” stays in business.

  • You remember the original “The Old Hangout”, then the new “The Old Hangout” then new NEW “The Old Hangout”

  • You’ve seen the “Eyeball” on Marsh Creek Road

  • You’ve heard rumors about “legal drag races” goin’ on every weekend somewhere down Marsh Creek Road.

  • You’ve driven through downtown Martinez and said “This is really nice”

  • You’ve been to the Saturday Flea Market at “Solano Drive-In”

  • You’ve never actually gone to see a movie at the “Solano Drive-In”

  • You thought you were gonna score at Cowell Pool

  • You never knew about the ammunition explosion that took place at Port Chicago in 1944 and killed 300 people.

  • As a kid, at night you saw the lights of the oil refineries and chemical plants and imagined you were living on another planet.

  • You’ve witnessed that drawl the older Concord natives speak with.

  • You know that "Prom" is for Juniors and "Ball" was for Seniors (and you will get yelled at by the Leadership kids if you confuse the two)

  • You’ve been to or have laughed at “The Singing Flag” for 4th of July

  • -You ever bought liquor from Rose Liquors as a minor.

  • You remember when Pleasant Hill’s fireworks were impressive.

  • Taking either Clayton Rd. or Concord Blvd when heading downtown was always a flip of the coin decision.

  • You remember when the BART train’s last stop was the Concord stop.

  • -You remember when Farringtons only used to have bikers, not people too lazy or broke to go to Walnut Creek.

  • “Memorial Hill” was a good place for a picnic, and a sunset.

  • You swear you’ll never move back

  • You used the smokestack as a major landmark to identify The Crossings or being next to it (Limeridge, Turtle Creek)


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