Rex (rapp81) wrote,

Vegas Trip IR, Part 1

Chris (crhale) has already made his multipart entries...  I'd link them, but he didn't use tags and there's like seven posts... meh  lol

Anyhoo... here's mine:

Was dropped off at SFO by my brother.  I went through security in five minutes.  Waited at the terminal, launched up my laptop and surfed the web.  Shared an electrical outlet with this hella cute guy who had to charge up his Zen MP3 player.  The flight to Vegas was uneventful.  After the flight, the cute guy was next to me and gave me a hello as we tried to catch a hotel shuttle.  I was going to ride in the same shuttle as him, but he was going to the Westin and I was going to the Luxor and they were not on the same shuttle :(

Realizing I had no singles to tip the shuttle driver, I was able to pool in some cash from another passenger from Jersey and give the driver a $5.

Check-in at the Luxor took forever.  Once I got settled in my room, I packed my backpack with some overnight clothes and decided to take the monorail to Treasure Island.  I'm not sure if I saved any time by taking the monorail than walking, but oh well.  I met up with Chis and Amber, then went upstairs to find Greg and Chrissy being retarded.  Chris noticed my Sketchers and he said that my shoes might not work for the club, Tangerine, downstairs.  So he gave me Stefan's (schnup009) shoes.  Stefan has slightly smaller feet than me, so they were a tad snug.

We head downstairs and since I was theoretically a hotel guest, I got in for free :)  The club was alright.  The music was good, the drinks were, well... Have you ever heard of a long island with sprite instead of coke?  Clueless bartenders, expensive drinks.  WTF?!?  I met up with the rest of the gang: Stefan, Justin, and Angela.  There were a ton of gay guys there too... mostly taken though. :(

After the club, we went to the hotel cafe for some grub.  We got two buckets of beer.  I was wasted as were the rest of us.  Justin was upset his blackberry jelly went away.   If you attempted to hear my drunken phone post, I'm sorry it got cut off... somebody's cheek touched the mute button!


We went to the Mirage for brunch.  The food was yummy, but the dessert was way more awesome!  Lemon Chiffon Cake, buttery-crunchy macaroons, mmmmmmm.

We walked around the strip, went into the Wynn, played video poker for a bit, and because Chris put it best, I'll copy what he wrote what happened next:

We played a little video poker at the Wynn, and then we headed back to Treasure Island. We all bought water. Justin and Angela got Starbucks,
and Amber and I got some fudge. We went upstairs, and after much of the usual talk of butt-sex between Greg and Rex, someone suggested starting
a "swear jar" of sorts to keep the butt sex talk to a minimum. Angela took a pen to her used Starbucks cup, and the "butt sex quarter cup" was born. It gained quarters rather quickly.

More to follow...

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