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Vegas IR (Cont'd)

First off, I gotta start off by saying something I forgot to mention in my last post.  Thursday night, in a drunken stupor, I was thumbbing through my Treo video files and decided to play a certain homemade video.  Justin was the only one who was curious enough to see what the video was illustrating.  Let's just say he saw a mouthful :P

Alright, continuing on Friday... After creating the Butt Sex Quarter Cup, we lounged around the hotel... I was checking out the gay porn selection they had.  Mmmm... Real Straight College Men 31 :P.  We all then took a cab to the south end of the strip.  I was dropped off at the Luxor, where my suit was.  I got quickly dressed and literally met up with the rest of the gang as we all approached Il Forniao @ NYNY.  I wasn't too impressed with the food, especially with the price.  I've been to the Il Forniao in SJ and WC and had better.  I should have sprung the extra few bucks to get what Justin ordered, because it paired perfectly with our wine.

After dinner, we went to a piano bar, which was crowded, but fun!  I ventured out with Chrissy, Greg, and Angela a few times and gawked at guys :)  Back in the piano bar, Greg and I got a litte freaky, to the point that we caught an elderly couple's attention.  According to Chris, the old lady tapped her husband on his shoulder, pointed at Greg and me, and was a little freaked out by our actions!  Yea!  I freaked out an old couple with my gayness :P   I don't think anybody got a pic of me and Greg, but it's ok... there are pics of me attempting to rape my straight friend Greg on the Vegas Pic Album

We then headed over to Mandalay Bay to the House of Blues for 80s Night / The Spazmatics cover band.  A ghetto ass concert just got out of the venue so we gambled a bit.  Then inside, after somewhat cheating full cover to get in, we had some drinks and eventually danced on the dance floor.  There was just some mixed music to start off with, then the cover band went on stage.  We were on the dance floor for a good time non stop, but by the time 2 or so rolled along, we were exhausted and decided to call it a night.

Since the Luxor was next door, I spent the night in my room at the Luxor.  However, I was rudely awakened by the hotel's "early alert system" at 7:30 in the morning.  Once the alarm stopped, I managed to get another couple of hours of sleep.  I then got up, took a shower, heard the alarm go off again while I was in the shower, then took the 45 minute walk to TI.

Once I got to TI, I brushed my teeth, since I forgot my toothpaste there, and took a cab with half of the crew to the Hard Rock Hotel, where we had lunch at the Pink Taco.  I decided to have a light lunch, so I ordered the tamales.  After Hard Rock, we headed over to the new Hooters Hotel & Casino, formally the Hotel San Remo (where I stayed the last time I was in Vegas w/the Centruy crew).  Wow I'm amazed they were able to pull it off... changing a shithole to something nice.  Of course, dumb, yet hawt ass breeders roamed the casino.  But I could not have been the only queer in that establishment at that point of time!  Chris won $100 of a slot machine... lucky bastard!

After Hooters, we ventured to MGM to check out the cubs.  Then Chrissy, Greg, Justin, Amber, and I decided to hit the roller coaster at NYNY.  I couldn't help but laugh at the hot, yet dumb ass breeders in queue line.  Greg decided to tell the story about me having an "orgasm" on Invertgo at Great America a few years back.  Anyway, the ride kicked ass :)

We cabbed back to TI.  Chris and Amber got ready to see Elton John at Caesar's while the rest of us were being retarded.  Chrissy and Greg wrestled on the bed, as usual.  I joined in.  Then, it was Chris and me trying to tag team Greg.  (Pics available on site too!)

When Chris and Amber left, all of us were just veging in the two hotel rooms (with the connecting door open).  Justin chimed in with his random, raunchy comments which I made him pay for in the Butt Sex Quarter Cup.  And the rest of us engaged in random conversation.  We then decided to venture off for dinner.  We first tried to hit this sushi place at the Fashion Show Mall, but it had a hella long wait time.  We then went to Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba! where there was virtually no wait time.

When we were seated I couldn't help but notice the muscley server.  Talk about yum!  When we got carded for drinks, the server looked at mine and said, 2-5... my boy's birthday is 2-2  Then I thought to myself, your boy or your boy?  He kept joking around with the two girls, saying that they were outnumbered by the guys (4).  Later on, I had my Treo out, with the main display on and the background of the shirtless AnF pic.  The server picks up my Treo from the table, looks at it, and goes something like it looks like you'll be joining the girls on the guy search and pats me on the back.

We all decided to have tapas and share them.  OMG.... the food was awesome.  Way better thatn IF :)  After dinner, I was slightly buzzed, and when we tried to take a picture, I grab my mojito but it slips out of my hands.  And you can see my retardness in the pic gallery too!

After dinner, we met up with Chris & Amber, then cabbed it downtown.  We walked around a bit before the last Fremont St. Experience show (with the new display).  I wanted to try a deep fried twinkie and deep fried oreo, but they stopped serving that at 10 :(  I wanted to be like that cum guzzling whore on the jumbotron :(  lol

We saw the last FSE show, then Justin, Amber, and Chris played at a roullette table.  Eventually we were all tired out as usual and cabbed back to TI.

Since this was going to be my last time being with the group, we chilled around in the room for a bit, then I took a cab back to the Luxor.

Only had two hours or so of sleep.  Checked out of my hotel and met up with my Aunt who lives in Vegas.  We first went to mass, as she signed up that particular mass to be celebrated in honor of my dad's death anniversary the week before.  We then had brunch at the Wynn, which I was not too impressed with.  After brunch, we went to the Palms to see Stay Alive at the Brenden.  OMG... Johnny Brendan has such an ego!  His mannequin looking face (plastic surgery, perhaps?) is on almost every single on screen ad. (FYI, Brenden Theatres is based out of Concord and has theatres in Concord, Pittsburg, Vacaville, Modesto, LV, and Laughlin, NV).  The movie was ok, but the lead actor was mmm :)  lol

After the movie, I decided to head back to the airport for my long wait back to the bay.  Damn SFO delays!

Link again to the Vegas pics

And also, Chris's entire blog entry

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