Rex (rapp81) wrote,

Fort Lauderdale / Bahamas Post

Yeah, overdue as usual.

We started our trip to Ft. Lauderdale, by taking a JetBlue redeye.  Despite the 36 channels of DirecTV, they didn't have Cartoon Network or TBS, so I couldn't get any Saved by the Bell action :(  One of the male flight attendants kept flirting with me during the flight.  If he were my type, I would have been all over that, but it was good to play along :)  I got a nice mini-spa kit on the flight, which came with an night eye patch and earplugs.  Earplugs and noise cancelling headphones together work well on a plane!  However, I kept waking up as one of the other flight attendants kept walking hella fast, waking me up everytime.

We landed and went to fetch the rental.  We reserved a regular sized SUV, but they offered an upgrade to a Durango for an additional $50.  Afraid that all of our luggage won't fit in the original vehicle we rented, we opted for the Durango.  Good thing, because our luggage wouldn't have fit!  We picked up my other aunt, and headed to the reservation center.  We couldn't check in to our resort, which was on the other end of the FLL metro area, so we just headed to the beach for some lounging and lunch.

The beach was pretty dead at first, other the influx of older folk.  But the cute yougen's showed up.  Didn't notice any girls noteworthy there, so I don't know how to report back to my friend, Tim, who's going there this month I think.

After the beach, we checked into the resort, rested up for a bit, then headed back for a cruise along the river to a dinner.  One of the guys on the ship was uber cute, but yeah, so straight.  Go figure.  While waiting for a drawbridge to go up, we were entertained by a cute guitar player/singer on the ampitheatre on the shore.  Dinner was ok, not scrumptious though.

The next day, we spent most of the day walking around downtown FLL and the Riverwalk area.  Again, dead around, but thinking it is a pretty good night spot, seeing how the area was flocked with people the night before.  If it weren't for the fact that our resort was 20 miles from FLL, I would have checked out the nightlife.

We had lunch at a nice French restaurant.  People watched and saw quite a few gay couples walking around.  After some more downtown action, we headed back to the resort.

Early Saturday morning, we woke up, checked out, dropped two off at the port, returned the rental, then back to the port.  We had breakfast before departing, then my brother and I just lounged on the deck.  Soon we headed off.  About a couple of hours in, I went to the bathroom and noticed the severe sunburn that had already occured on my face.  And I mean severe!  Yes, Asians do get sunburn... rare, but it happens.  To make it worse, I had my sunglasses on :)

Lunch was bad, as the ships stabilizers weren't doing the trick.  So my brother and I barely ate due to being sick.  We popped some dramamine that the server had and lounged back on deck.

We finally arrive to Freeport and take a Taxi to our resort.  Taxis are weird there.  They take multiple parties at a time, and charge a per person flat rate depending on zoneage.

After arriving at the resort, I notice a trio of guys checking in... the same treo I was checking out on the ship earlier.  I wondered about them, since one of them looked like a family member.  (I later found out that they were from Northern Canada... go figure!)

Briefly after our short orientation, we waited for a shuttle to take us to a sunset cruise my aunt signed us up for.  When the driver arrived, he asked if we were going to the Boose Cruise.  OMFG... So, my aunt misread the description.  We arrive and we're like the only family on the boat.  Most of the peopple were 30-somethings, mostly guys who looked like they were your typical fratboys in their college hey-day.  Everyone basically got drunk, except for my family (as they don't drink and I can't be comfortable being drunk around them).  Then they announced it was shirtless Friday.  Oh shit!  Nothing like shirtless, 30-something breeder frat guys, with their guts hanging out!  Ew :(  There were a couple of str8 twinks who took their shirts off.  After the cruise, since we only had small appetizers, we went to the restaurant by our resort for dinner, where the Canadian trio was eating.

The next day, we spent most of the day at the beach.  Took a dip for a bit in the clear water.  Then continued to check out the Canadian boys.  I ended up overhearing an interesting conversation between two of them.  The hot one was having issues "meeting people" and his friend said that he should try to mimic their actions (i.e., if someone crosses their legs, you cross them in the opposite way).  The use of non-gender pronounce and the conversation topic alone got me wondering about the guy with the hot bod and ass.  But alas, they left the next day, so I had no opportunity to chat it up with them.  We had a dinner bonfire later on which was ok... till they did line dancing.  So we left.

We went on a day tour the following day, had an ok lunch then did some shopping.  We then had dinner at a nice restaurant, and celebrated my two aunts' birthdays.  We sat outside, next to a loud Russian family that cheered "lehiem!", which reminded me of Fiddler on the Roof.  So bad, I know.  You know what else is bad?  Me checking out the cute, young Russian guy who was there.

After dinner, we went back to the resort, and called it a night.

While waiting for my aunts to return from breakfast, I was going to hop into the shower, only to have the power turn off.  Later, with my aunts still not back, the housekeeper almost kicked us out because we didn't know if my aunts asked for a late checkout.  Eventually we did check out, but since we had time to kill, we lounged some more on the beach.

After beaching it, we head over back to the port, and sail back to the US.  Customs was a breeze, as most of the people on the ship were actually non-citizens and we went straight to the airport, where we crashed at the terminal.  Since our flight departed at 6:40a and got off the ship a little bit past 10p, it was pointless to book a hotel room.  Luckily, the airport had free wifi, but I ended up passing out with my laptop on my chest.

And there you have it... It's not too exciting, but the lounging was well needed after the past month I had :)


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