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Damn these week in reviews!

It's been a busy week! I'm going to try to the best of my ability to remember everything!

As Alex ([info]cekyr0) said earlier this week, it's not the day after till hit hits you, it's the day after that. I woke up more sore than I was on Sunday. It was so bad, getting out of bed was a huge task. I ended up not going to my 100W class. (I found out later that only 6 people showed up on Monday)

That night, James W. gave me a ride to KoC (Thanks, James), where I first found out about Mikey ([info]spawrhawk). Earlier in the day, I read his away message and got worried. For the very few out of the circle, he is doing fine now :) I had some homework to finish up, so I had my laptop on, working on some Excel spreadsheet for my Bus 140 class. Blah... Tidious management stuff!

Had a presentation for my Bus 160 class... That went off well, even though another group did the same exact topic as ours! Oh well, we went first, so it was all good. Apparently we were the one of the most energetic. Guess my opening was awesome :)

After class, I bumped into Justin. He told me about the camping trip and the minor drama that happened. But he still had a good time, so that's all that matters.

Took a long nap in the Student Union, as I decided to just stay there and take the 22 over to SCU for my meeting. OMG, It's been almost a year since I took the dreaded 22. My trip over there was on a regular sized bus (not that accordian type one) and it was packed! When I got to the meeting, Jenny was the only one there and we just sat around, chatted, and prayed more people showed up. Amber then showed up with some announcements, as Josh couldn't make it. Then Katie came and it was basically the four of us catching up.

When I got back, I had dinner then watched The O.C. Oh, fun times :)

Class was blah....

Karaoke was tons of fun! Mikey ([info]spawrhawk) made a short appearance and showed off his scar. Matt ([info]dancin_whitey) gave details about who he made out with in SF... A WCPD cop! Damnit Matt, you're moving in my domain... Walnut Creek!!! Heh

David gave me shit for singing The Freshman by The Verve Pipe once more. I swear it's been at least 2 weeks since I sang that, but I will now place that in the Do Not Touch set. Plus I've started to date-stamp on the back all of my songs. I've actually made an attempt to add more songs in my envelope. :)

Towards the end of the night, I called AAA for a tow. This was planned and I joked around earlier with Matt, Kris, and a few others that a tow truck driver was going to be my DD for the night. The tow arrived in about 20 minutes, and Matt stuck around while I waited.

Got up and drove to VF with the intention of meeting up with Geno, but he took forever to show up. After VF, I stopped by Stoneridge to visit Alex ([info]cekyr0) at work. I haven't been to Stoneridge since my senior year in the fall of 98, when I was in Pleasanton to demonstrate some band things for NCBA at Foothill HS. I actually remember that day vividly. Miss K made us wear those God-aweful black band tshirts. They had so much print on them, that when you sweat, the print part stuck to your body. I never wore that POS again, even though she required us to wear them under our uniforms. Mind you I wasn't really considered one of the band renegades for this. The other losers (JJK) were. Who got the "Fine Arts Award in Music" silver platter at graduation? That's right, so that pompous MoFo can take it up the ass! (Sorry, random HS shit to make Chris lower his head and shake his head, thinking Rex... that was 5 years ago!) OMG, as I type this iTunes decides to play The Liberty Bell March! Time to skip track!

Ok, talk about a non sequitur! Back to why I was at Stoneridge. I met up with Alex and decided to have dinner @ 5. So I had about an hour to kill around the mall. It's not as busy as Sunvalley. But there is more of my type of eye candy at Stoneridge :P

Alex and I ended up eating at McDonalds, due to the lack of cash and choices. We had a good conversation, one that we don't have too often outside of KoC.

After dinner, I shopped for a couple of things at Aeropostale, as they had some sort of Friends & Family thing going... 30% off. I got a pair of jeans and a polo. Thanks Alex for the discount and for dinner. :)

I continued my trip on N680 to Concord where I went to Sunvalley... J/k, I didn't go to another mall! That would of been too much! I did stop by Costco to pick up a couple of pictures. Costco should have an express line or something. The pictures were the only things I was buying so standing in line behind full carts is kinda annoying.

Drove down to Mt. View for James's party. I decided to become a retard an take 80/880 down instead of 4 > 680 > Mission/880 > 237 over. It took me about a half hour to get from Albany to Emeryville. The overhead info signs were displaying ridiculous drive times to SF. (I took pics and will post to the Moblog soon).

I arrived at James's and there was a good crowd there. Embarrassing stuff happened, but will leave that in an AB/Friends Only post. :)

When I got home before 8, I ended up sleeping till 1. I turned on the TV to watch some Bay Area variety show on UPN44. Then all of a sudden, I saw the production trailer for Sean Becker's production company. I was like, WTF?!? They showed the alternate ending to Dude, Where's My Scooter? I tried calling Chris, but he must of been asleep. Wow, an SJSU TVRFT project on Bay Area TV, that's fucking awesome!

Got up to go to mass with my sister and bro. Then had lunch in Vallejo for my aunt's birthday. We had to get a new battery for my sister's car, as that was the car I ended up taking, plus nobody realized that the battery was dying till I tried to start it earlier in the morning!

Went to KoC later on where I got 5 songs in. It was kinda slow, but all good. Matt ([info]dancin_whitey) talked about his date with the WCPD cop. I'm still jealous! Heh.

Alright, the sun's really blasting out here, and I'm starting to sweat :( I'll write more later, hopefully :)

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