Rex (rapp81) wrote,

Work and Play...

So I'm working in Pleasanton later today on a project that'll run into the evening.  Since I'm pretty much half way there, I was thinking of heading down to Downtown SJ, because I haven't seen the SJSU crew in a long while and I miss The Brit and O'Flarhaty's...  I need me some pub action in the breeder sector :P  lol!  Chris (crhale) said he doesn't get off work till 11, I prob won't leave Pleasanton till about 10.

Plus, I want to see this perceived racial profiling by SJPD...  *scoffs*  Maybe if you didn't act like dumbasses while cruising Santa Clara Street in your lowriders or Escalades, pumping shitty ass music, and causing ruckus, you wouldn't have run-ins with the cops! :)

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