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Brief WIR - RAPP81's LiveJournal... Despite the name, there's no rap here!
Time for some of Rex's eloquent rhetoric
Brief WIR
Hung out with Josh in The Castro.  Not too crowded due to Gay Day at Great America, but that was a good thing :)

Cari's birthdayfest!  Went to Voda in the Financial District and Lush on Polk.  Helen, Jan, and Craig were with us.  I haven't seen Craig since March and he asked where the "guy" was.  Gave the brief lowdown on that for him.

My dead day :)

First went to the cemetary, then had lunch at my aunt's in Vallejo.  Then went to San Leandro for Josh's birthday at his friend's house.  Small crowd, perfect day for poolside fun.  I was thinking of heading down to SJ to check out Greg's new place, but apprently Greg went down to Morgan Hill to get a refridgerator.

The rest of the week
I'm working down in Pleasanton for the next three weeks starting tomorrow.  Fun times again w/Kaiser :P

Planning for Next Weekend
The lower deck of the Bay Bridge will be closed overnight Saturday into Sunday Morning.  That means, OVERNIGHT/24-HOUR BART SERVICE!!!  Who's game for the city on Saturday night :)

BART will continue hourly service past midnight, but trains will only stop at selected stations until regular Sunday service commences at 8AM.  For full details, see the following PDF.

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