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Well, I'm doing my usual mid-week update on the weekend... lol  I just haven't had the time to make a recap post.  I've been bombarded with calls and emails with potential job opportunities, most of which is short term contract work... meh.  I've got four pending positions I've applied for that has some potential, and all I can do about those positions is await their final word.

Friday, I spent most of the day on the phone, emailing, faxing, and email again via Treo... It was that insane.  One of the major communications was about my consideration for a six-month project at Kaiser.  I needed to fill out forms and fax them in.  Another was from my primary department at the firm, telling me that Pleasanton got postponed again!  Argh.

Later on that night was my little cousin's 8th grade graduation.  I told my other cousin that we should be obnoxious when the principal calls out her sister's name, since the principal is a hard-ass about "decorum at a graduation ceremony being held in a church".  But we didn't...  But we were obnoxious when they called up her parents, for being a family that is finally leaving the school.  The principal even commented, "I think the Punu's have been here the longest.  It took them 20 years for their three daughters!"

After the ceremony, there was a reception and then we went to my cousin's house for a bit.

Saturday, I BARTed it to the city and meet up with Randy (sjh22a) and Mike W. (nightvzn).  Bumped into a few other South Bay guy and had a good night out.  On the BART ride back, I couldn't help but notice this one drunk, horny girl that was all over her hot, uninterested in her, boyfriend.  They were on board all the way to Walnut Creek, where I, and most of the train, disembarked.

Jump to today.... I went to Kaiser's Park Shadelands complex to get my employer mandated health screen done.  At first, they had no clue how to process me.  Once they did, I got my TB test done at Occupational Health, then got directed to the lab for my bloodwork.  At the lab, the tech though I was getting screened because I was volunteering at the hospital... She thought I was 17!  WTF?!?  Seriously, I do not look that young!


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