Rex (rapp81) wrote,

SF Pride Weekend

Jamed Packed Weekend + Minimal Sleep + Restarting the Workweek = Pure Exhaustion!

And that equation above is the reason why this post is coming out mid-week :)

Earlier in the week, Ken called me, telling me he was in town from LA and was sticking around for Pride.  So the both of us met up in the city for what was to be our drunkest night out of the weekend!  Parking in and around the Castro sucked, so my fall back went into play.  There's always a ton of spots on 12th Street, between Market and South Van Ness, which is about a mile or so away, but since it was the 2nd designated Spare the Air day, all the Bay Area transit agencies were offering free fares, including MUNI Metro, which we took to the Castro.

We basically went to The Cafe.  Bumped into a few people, including Rand, who was actually heading to SOMA, away from the Castro, where he works and lives.  After meeting up with Cari and her friends, the night became a blur.  I do remember having to walk back with Ken down Market Street to our cars at the end of the night.

I BART in and head over to the Hilton, where Scott (biglovescott) booked a room, to drop off my backback, then hopped on the Metro to meet up with them to the Castro.

Total Mayhem :P

Nick (slipsbyandstops) really wanted to go to the place formally known as Daddy's (when did the name change happen?!?) So we did.  Twice.  And there were some actually decent 30-40 y.o. guys in the back, showing off :P  lol

We hit the other spots, including The Mix.  I so needed to pee, but the line was too long and nobody wanted to wait in it.  So outside, I find an empty Corona bottle.  Yes, folks, I pissed in an empty Corona bottle!  At least I didn't flat out pee in the middle of a sidewalk, like I did at last year's Pink Party :P

It's sometime around midnight, and I find out that things start clearing out... WTF?!?  A gay SFPD officer tells me to finish up my drink, while walking down the street, so I chug it and toss it to the ground.  Scott got sick, his friend and a couple of random Mormon boys from SLC join us, and we eventually make the two mile walk back to the hotel.  The walk down Market was fun, as everybody was walking back downtown.  We stopped at a donut shop because Scott was yelling for a bagel and butter, then we stopped for 7-11.  Ken was able to get a hold of an open pizza place, and order pizza delivered to the hotel.

During the walk back, one of the mormon boys kept annoying the shit out of us, and continued to do so at the hotel.  Soon, Lizzie and the Mornons left, so we started to wind down.  Scott's straight friend, Bill was out cold... and I mean out!

In the morning, Scott couldn't remember much from the night... Bill flat out couldn't remember what happened.  We checked out of the hotel, checked out the parade for a bit, then went to the festival and had some lunch on the lawn.  They had to jet out afterwards, and I decided to just BART back, just because I was so tired.

To be honest, this Pride wasn't too eventful, but I did have a good time hanging out.  Some good pictures were taken and as soon as I have access to them, I'll share along.  And just an FYI, there is a picutre of me doing something in front of The Mix (see above)... but NO, it will not be posted.  I'll spare you all from the sight :)

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