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My life's been pretty low key.  Having an 8-5 job can do that to ya!  No more are the long days of just veging at home on the net :(

So here's the brief on this past weekend... well, Friday to be exact.

Friday was Amber's birthday.  So I met up with the SJSU crew in SF.  But of course, they left San Jose late, so I was just hanging around North Beach, where it was slighly windy and chilly and admired the eye candy.  Yeah, I know, what else is new??

For some reason, Chris (crhale) decided to take 19th Avenue through the Sunset.  They ended up getting lost, I tried to guide them, but I'm more of a visual guy versus giving street names when guiding around the city outside of Downtown, Union Square, and the Castro, so I was not much of help.  Eventually, they found their way to North Beach... I hopped in Chris's crammed car, and guided him to the parking garage.

We ate at the stinking rose, where the server was uber cute and the service was quick.  Then we all went to see Beach Blanket Babylon... it's pretty much a pop culture cabaret -- for those of you non-Bay Area natives.  Chrissy and I agreed on something: Construction Worker!!! :P

Before and during the show, I had an SMS exchange with Chris... I showed Stefan (schnup009) while Chris showed everyone else on our appropriate devices:
Me (7/14 9:52 pm): Poor hot guy next to me... His dumb gf is talking about mtv's laguna beach
Chris Hale (7/14 10:02 pm): She is pretty hot
Me (7/14 10:02 pm): But so fucking dumb.... Dear god. Muffs from carondo (Carondelet) are smarter than her
Me (7/14 10:26 pm): I'll toss those dogs a bone :p

The last remark was about a bunch of guys who were dressed up as french dogs.  When Chrissy read it, she turns around and gives me the "REX?!?" look.  lol

After the show, we walked back to the garage, I pissed on the roof, we all took pics with a beautiful night view of the city, then I hited a ride, climbing on the back bumper of Chris's car, holding on the ski rack, back to my car.  Chris and Greg opened their doors and caused some ruckus in the garage with me.

Now as for the rest of the weekend... very low key.  As for this upcoming weekend, my friend Chris from HS is getting married down in Long Beach.  Thus, weekend trip down to the Southland! :)


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