Rex (rapp81) wrote,

WIR... From the Southland back to the Bay

Alrighty... I'm still not recovered from the weekend.  Going out to The WC with the younger DLS folk last night didn't help either.

Took a half day from work and flew down to LAX.  Picked up the rental... black PT Cruiser (@ $13.50/day, unlimited mileage).  Then drove the eight miles to WeHo that took me 50 minutes to drive.  Santa Monica Blvd was a mess, and since I'm not a Southland migrant, I had no clue as to alternate routes.  Met up with Ken, who also got stuck in traffic from the North as there was a wildfire.

We tried to have dinner at The Abbey, but it was packed, so we went to this Peruvian restaurant across the street.  After that, Ken wanted to hit the Mother Lode, but it was DEAD.  So we went to the Cantina for a bit.  The door guy looked familiar, but I wasn't sure if it was this guy I knew from the Peninsula.  After some drinks there, we headed to Mickey's.  Danced there for a bit then headed back to The Cantina for the late happy hour for some doubles.  Then it was back to Mickey's for the rest of the night, where Ken obsessed over the cute door guy there  The night was pretty dead for a Friday.

Got up, hung out with Ken and Phil around Santa Clarita where it was literally hot as hell (~114 degrees).  Later went to CityWalk with Ken to watch Clerks II and had dinner at Hard Rock afterwards where the servers were dancing around to YMCA.

We decied to hit WeHo again, where it was a bit busier.  Hit the usual spots again, including The Abbey where I had a raspberry mojito.  After last call at the Cantina, I was walking down the stairs where I noticed Scotish Steve!  WTF??  And that door guy at the Cantina... yeah, that was Mark, who moved down a few months ago.  Crazy to bump into some people from the Bay!


I was planning on meeting up with Jason, my classmate from HS who was also going to the wedding, beforehand, but Ken and I got a late start to the day.  We drove straight to the hotel in Long Beach, checked in, and layed for a bit.  Then got ready and headed off to the wedding.

The Wedding:  What can I say, it was pretty interesting. 

We ventured over to The SkyRoom downtown, where we greeted by a cute latin guy wearing a tux and top hat.  We walked in to find a very small amount of people waiting.  Then Jason and his girlfriend, Katie showed up.  The last time I saw Jason was at his 21st birthday up in Sacramento five years ago, with the groom of this wedding and the best man of the wedding, James.  Jason and I both got wasted and were being taken care of by our friends Cari and Katy in Cari's bathroom.

Soon the ceremony started.  Ken and I practically drooled over the groomsman.  Cal Poly SLO boy... need I say more??  I need to find out the 411 on that dude.  Nickie, any insight?? :)

Kevin and his fiancee, Anne, arrived half way through the ceremony.  After the ceremony, we all chatted with James's mom and headed upstairs for hors d’oeuvres and open bar!

Then for dinner, we had a choice of filet mingon, lobster, rack of lamb, pasta, fish, or risotto.

During dinner, we were given complimentary wine, and as such, the servers made sure our wine glasses were never empty... yup :) 

Sometime in between courses, Jason asked if we knew where the bathroom was.  None of us did, so he asked a server.  The server asked Jason to wait a moment as he tended to another guest.  Then the server turns back to Jason and says, I'll escort you to the restroom.  What??  Jason's like, no it's ok, could you just tell me.  And the server insisted he be escorted.  We all start busting up laughing.  Later on, Katie needed to go and refused to be escorted, but another server overheard and escorted her to the bathroom.  Again, now somewhat drunk, we all bust up laughing once more.

After dinner, we ventued out to the outer area for the speeches from the best man (James gave an awesome and funny speech) and the maid of honor, who coincidentally went to Carondelet (c/o 98)  (Chris, the groom and Krystal, the bride, met at Cal Poly SLO).  When it was time for the first dance, Chris gave a short one... go figure!

The latter part of the evening was pretty short and essentially the DLS crew was the last ones to leave... literally.  All that was left was the staff and it wasn't even 10 PM yet.  So we decided to head back to Jason's hotel room (sans James as he had an early flight) and bought a 12-pack.  We talked for a bit, then started to play a drinking game which required more beer, so I lost out and had to buy the next 12-pack.

One part of the game was being able to establish rules when you picked a certain card.  When I was the lucky one, I chose to make the rule of drinking everytime someone says the pronoun "I"  Everybody hated me for that!

We finally called it a night and Ken and I headed back to our hotel.

Ken had to head back up for work, so I just met the rest of the crew at Roscoe's House of Chicken 'n Waffles  It was Kevin's idea and apparently I was the only other one who knew about the place.  Wow, talk about breakfast grubbin'!

Soon the weekend ended and we all parted.  I returned the rental and headed over to LAX and waited for my flight.

I took BART home, waited for my mom and headed back to Hercules together.  Then had to go to SFO to drop my sister and aunt off who were going to Canada.  As if I already just came from OAK!!  lol

Last Night
Mary's in town from NYC, so Anthony rounded up the troops... And a random troop at that.  First he said Dan Cooper was coming.  WTF?? Random, but I haven't seen him since I graduated.  Then he said Gina was coming.  But the latter flaked.  Paul came along and we ended up going to Pyramid Brewery before it closed.

So yeah, these past several days have been fun.  Work got in the way though starting Tuesday.  lol.  The wedding was real nice, though I wish we took pictures (we were too drunk or something to think about it) and also wished that we got to catch up with Chris a bit more, but it was expected he'd be busy.  It was aweome seeing parts of the real old DLS gang.  It was almost like old times :)


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