Rex (rapp81) wrote,

Vegas Post

I've been super busy since I've been back... thus the late posting.

Let's see... Randall (my brother) and I showed up at Oakland Int'l a tad early.  Joe soon arrived.  We all wondered if Justin would ever show up.  He finally did :)

We went through a real quick security line, Randall sat at the gate while the rest of us grabbed burritos, and Snoop Dog sauntered through the terminal with his entourage, blasting his boom box like an obnoxious asshole. :)

Settled into the hotel for a bit then went out on the strip for a while.  We, sans Randall, grabbed Yard-sized margaritas from La Salsa as they were closing.  Got super buzzed, ended up eating at Barbury Coast before taking the monorail back to MGM.

The next morning was spent with me emailing back/forth with the reporter with the Wall Street Journal to verify facts for her article.  Then we had brunch with my aunt at the Wynn, hung around there for a bit, then chilled around for most of the day with a little gambling.  We thought about going out later that night to a bar or club, but Joe ended up closing a craps table.  Damn, dude!  The rest of us ended up falling asleep, but was awakened by Joel calling my cell, saying that his flight was super delayed and he finally came in to Vegas from NYC at 2:45 in the morning.

Now the best day of the trip!
We started off the day pretty low key.  Then I hit the pool first, as I immersed myself with tons of mancandy :)  The others soon sat poolside.  We later had dinner at the Pink Taco, where I spotted a couple of cute skaters eating right beside us.  After that, we headed back to the hotel.  They played blackjack and craps while I got ready to meet up with Joel.

Now the original plan was to his Tequila Joe's for karaoke.  But after I met Joel at the Imerpial Palace, we found out that it closed and the IP had a karaoke lounge upstairs... Yeah, that place was DEAD!  So we ventured out to the strip, walk around, then head back to Ceasar's where he was staying with his brother.  We tried to get his brother to hang, but he ended up staying in.  I took Joel to Kahunaville over at TI, but not w/o grabbing the 2 for 1 frozen drink cards at the gift shop.  There were dueling pianos playing there and we stuck around for a short bit.  Afterwards, Joel and I took a cab downtown and was in time for the 11 PM Fremont Street experience.  We walked around downtown, played a few hands of Blackjack (I started w/$100, was up $25, down $50, then left when I evened out).  Hella cute guy was playing next to me and I essentially left when he left.

After downtown, we cabbed back to the strip and tried to hit the karaoke lounge again, but it was still dead!  We ended up at Carnival Court in front of Harrah's and had a couple of drinks.  The best part of the night happened next...  There was this cute guy wearing a long sleeved button up shirt, with a Hollister Co. tshirt OVER it, dancing with this chick.  I instantly thought he was gay, but Joel had his doubts.  Joel told me that I should ask him, but I said, with my general luck he'll say he's straight, so I told Joel that he should ask for me :)  He hesitated.  I continued to watch this guy dance with this girl who seriously looked like a hag.  And by the way these two were dancing, I thought she was a hag even more!  The two soon leave the dance floor (where the DJ played an awesome set of 80s/90s music) then talked to this hot girl and we were perplexed.  Eventually the guy and the first girl leave, and Joel goes up to the hot girl left behind and blatantly asks her if the guy she was talking with was gay.  She gives him a shocked look and shakes her head.  Joel come back to me, says no... let's get the hell out of here!  And we do, cracking up, passing the guy on our way out.  I tell Joel to hurry up before the guy gets a text message saying some dude here just asked me if you are gay!

Oh, it was one of those you had to be there moments!

From then, we walked around, into the Bellagio, then decided to call it a night.

I flew out the next day... the day before the new restrictions went into effect!  :)

Joel flew to the Bay a few days later, as his brother lives in Redwood City.  I was able to drag him out to the Castro on Tuesday... Mind you Joel is straight, btw :)  Now that story, I will share later on :)


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