Rex (rapp81) wrote,

Taking a Straight Friend from Out of Town to the Castro

So last Tuesday, I met up with Joel, whom I already met up with in Vegas the week before.  He made a last minute trip to the Bay since he had an extra week to kill before his new job in NYC.

I met Joel about a year ago when I did my Contiki European trip.  Since then, he and I have been in constant contact... almost everyday on AIM.  At first, I thought he was gay, especially when some of his characteristics resembled somebody I knew (went to Cornell [law], Billy Joel fanatic, karaoke fiend, always went to the bathoom... I think most of you know of whom I am speaking of (*coughs* Mike W. nightvzn).  But alas, when I got to know Joel even more... yeah, so not gay, just dorky :)

It was Joel's second time in San Francisco.  The first time, was Labor Day weekend last year.  He didn't do much walking around in SF, but was able to this time around.

I was only able to hang out with him on his last night in town.  He initally was going to stay in his brother's in Redwood City, but he instead crashed at James's (who I also met in Europe).

I had Joel meet me at Church and Market and we had dinner at Chow.  Food is pretty inexpensive and absolutely great!  Afterwards, I had him drop his stuff off at my car, then took him to a surprise destination.

To Badlands we went!  Had a few drinks there... I got slightly buzzed.  There was this one guy who kept checking Joel out!  Well, Joel had to go to the bathroom once more (this was like the tenth time in the course of 1 1/2 hours!) and this time, the guy attempted to follow him.  I saw the guy enter the main bathroom but immediately walked out when he realized Joel went to the other bathroom.  The two pass each other at the door, the guy gives Joel a smile, I start cracking up!

But then I got jealous because I've never had a guy follow me to the bathroom at Badlands!  Mickey's in West Hollywood, yes, but never at Badlands!

Later on, this really hot guy walks in with two girls.  Joel, of course is checking the girls out, while I check out the guy.  After inspecting his boarding apparel, I deduced that the guy was straight and one of the girls had to have been his gf :/  The one-size-too-large Billabong polo was a dead giveaway.  And of course, Joel loves to bring out the best quote from our trip in Europe... Why do I always fall for straight guys?

Soon Joel wanted to head off, so we did.  On the way on to 101, my voice mail indicator goes off.  Berrylle left me a message!  She's another one from Europe who lives in South SF.  I call her up, and we end up making a stop in San Mateo at BJ's for a drink.  Despite living in the Bay, I haven't seen Berrylle since Labor Day (same with James), so it was really cool to meet up with her.

After chillin at BJ's I drove Joel to his brother's in Redwood City.


Now for those "special people" who caught my post yesterday morning, I'll add this tease: 5 were involved.

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