Rex (rapp81) wrote,

Another Reason I HATE West County

So it looks like the only hospital in West County is on the brink of closure.

Doctor's Medical Center in San Pablo (formerly known as Brookside Hospital, back in the day) is running out of money and claims its cash downfall is due to the abundance of ER patients who come in w/o insurance (approximately 30%).  San Pablo is on the southern part of West Contra Costa County, and is centrally located within the poorer part of the region.

Today, ambulances were turned away and diverted to other East Bay ERs such as Alta Bates in Berkeley/Oakland, Kaiser Permanente in Richmond, or even across the hills and Franklin Canyon to John Muir Concord/Walnut Creek.

For as long as I can remember, this region has had dilapidated health care.  DMC has a campus in Pinole, which is right next to Hercules, and had its ER shut down several years ago, when the Hospital system was under Tenet Healthcare.  This caused a major uproar in West County as those who live in the more affluent parts of West County had to travel further south for ER services.  Now somebody who needs to be transported to an ER from Hercules would most likely have to go to John Muir in Concord, about 17 miles away to the east.

At this point I'm probably going to change my primary medical group to one that's part of John Muir.  I was going to anyway, before all of this, but now I have more motivation to do so.

Newslink 1

In other West County bull shit... the trial of Darren Pratcher, the suspect who allegedly shot De La Salle rising football star, Terrence Kelly, went silent for approximately five seconds as the defendent made an outburst in court. Apparently, the defendant lashed out at the prosecutor for intensenly interrogating his mother.

From the Contra Costa Times
Pratcher's attorney has said his client believed Kelly was a different man who had indirectly threatened him because Pratcher had shot his daughter with a BB gun.

Did I read that right??  The suspect had shot somebody's daughter with a BB gun, got an indirect threat from the father, then shot Kelly because he thought Kelly was the one who made the indirect threat which resulted in the suspect shooting somebody's daughter...?


Due to the fact the suspect was 17 at the time of the murder, he will be trialed as an adult, but cannot be considered for the death penalty.

Newslink 2

Over on the other side of the county in San Ramon, KTVU reported on the suicide of a well liked, 13-year-old San Ramon boy.  During the report, they interviewed the principal of the middle school, and I immediately recongnized who it was.  It was Marilyn Nacthman... Laura's mom!  I went to grade school and high school with Laura, and her mom briefly taught eighth grade at our grade school.



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