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Because I decided to take a nap during primetime again, and miss all of the TV premieres, again, I might as well do a WIR while I'm up :)

I decided to have lunch at BJ's in Vacaville (where I've been working since last Wednesday) and sit at the bar.  The bartended was uber hot.  What made him even hotter was the fact that he kept ending his sentences with bro.  I could have either nutted right then and there or jump over the bar and nut all over him :P  What would you like, bro?  Want another hefenweizen, bro?  Need another water bro?

After work, I drove down to Crockett to pick Josh (who was moving back to PDX) up and had dinner at the Pyramid (yet another micro brewery) in Walnut Creek.  There was this cute boy performing with his guitar on the patio.  And there was of course, the abundance of WC eye candy.

I dropped Josh off at 1220, chilled for a short bit, then headed down to the party down in SSJ.

Caught up with the South Bay crew, did a half shot down the ice sculpture, which is something that reminded me of my frat party days five years ago... Yes folks, I did the frat parties, hence my kegstand pic on MySpace.

Andrew (777echelon777echelon), James, and I geeked out by pulling out our PDA/Smartphones.  I think somebody took a pic of that.

Later on I noticed James as IMing Connor (tuicanistuicanis) and eventually called his drunk ass up.  (I still need to acquire James's LJ name).  They had an argument on which PDA smartphone was better.  Treo or Blackberry.

Somehow I managed to stay down there till about 3:30.  I made the drive back up, but didn't sleep till 7:30 for some reason.

So I spent most of the day asleep in bed... literally.

I did go out to SF and met up with Randy (sjh22asjh22a), Andrew, and Andrew's friends.  While waiting in line at Badlands with Randy, there were these two small, queeny, Filipino FOBs.  I was getting so annoyed by them, I sent an SMS to Andrew asking him to order a tanq and tonic for me so I can chug it down when I got inside.  I mean, god, they were speaking in Tagalog, which I can fully understand, and they were saying the most retarded things.

Once I got inside and had that first drink... yeah!  Things got blurry towards the end of the night, but I do remember sometime during last call, some twink lost control of their shot glass and spilled an entire shot of vodka on my back!

So what do I do to avoid the discomfort of soaking liquid on the back of my shirt?  Take the black, Split brand polo off :)

After Badlands closed, we took a cab to a Thai place and ate there.  Then we cabbed back to the Hilton in the Financial District, where Andrew's friends were staying, and crashed there.

BARTed back to the East Bay and The WC.  Stopped by Fry's.  Was helped by a cute sales associate (most guys at the Concord Fry's are cute/hot... unlike the stores down in the South Bay).  Then as I walked out, I saw a blonde guy wearing a CV H2O tshirt who was perfectly tanned.  And of course, I looked scrubby from the night before.  Go figure.


So I'm slated to work in Vacaville again this morning, and possibly being shipped out to Fairfield for the rest of the week, if not back at Vallejo.  Then I'm down in the Southland for the weekend doing a family thing, so unless something major happens outside of that shindig, the WIR will be on hiatus once more!  heh

Alright, I think I can get a good couple of more hours of sleep now.  Damn having to commute for 35 miles instead of my usual 10 :(


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