Rex (rapp81) wrote,

CBS2 New York Investigates: Hookups at NYC Health Clubs!

This morning while reading some of my daily email newsletters, I came across a blurb about someone commenting about how CBS2 in New York decided to run an investigative piece on guys who hook up at health clubs, complete with dramatizations of workers "cleaning up the mess"

Apparently two workers at the health club were disgusted at the action... enough that they had to quit.  What a bunch of homophobic asses.  If it were two hot chicks getting it on in the sauna, they'd drop their mops and grab a hold of the pole that's sticking out of their pants!

Anyway, you have to watch the video, because it's off the wall!  I mean, an investigative piece... please.  They act like this is big news!  I literally fell off my bed laughing when I watched it this morning!

And the dramatizations on a local newscast for a silly investigation piece?  It's not 48 Hours, WCBS!  But then again, NYC is the #1 TV market, whereas SF-Oak-SJ is the #6 (used to be #5 till the dotcom bust) TV market, so what do I know?  lol


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