Rex (rapp81) wrote,

Freakin Kaiser! | Who's Going to Gay Days @ Disneyland?

Kaiser Permanente has an activities program where employees and contractors can get discounted passes for theme parks and other perks.  So I decided to order a couple of Deluxe Annual Passes for Disneyland for myself and Andrew (777echelon777echelon).  Oh, btw, who else is going to Disneyland??

Anyway, I placed the order with overnight shipping.  When I opened the DHL envelope, inside it was a KP envelope that contained my order.  I open that up and find two passes.  But not the two passes I ordered.  Inside, I found two passes for Six Flags Magic Mountain for KP Night on 10/6.  Now granted, I'm gonna be down there on that day, but these are hella expensive Magic Mountain passes, if you ask me!

So it looks like I'll be making a tie line call down to Pasadena first thing tomorrow morning :)

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