Rex (rapp81) wrote,

De La Salle Featured on ABC7 News in a Report About Cheating

The report is about, an online resource that detects plagiarism (I actually used a couple of years ago in my econ class). They interviewed one of my old English teachers (sophomore year). Despite getting a low grade in his class, I actually gained a lot from him and applied it in my future english/writing classes.

There's also a video clip on the newslink which at the end also talks about the WCCUSD and how they raised enough funds to keep athletics. In case you didn't know, WCCUSD serves Hercules and people within the city are petitioning to put an initiative on the ballot to leave the WCCUSD and join John Swett. Personally, I've never been satisfied with the WCCUSD. Back in the day, they faced bankruptcy and even changed their name from Richmond Unified to WCCUSD to "change their image". Well, their image never really changed. The district serves way too many communities and they can never provide enough services like those across the hills on the other side of the county. You wonder why I was placed in private school? I drove by the new Hercules HS a couple of weekends ago... it does look like a prison. Grey cement buildings, iron fences, makes YV look like paradise. Ok, end random rant :)

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