Rex (rapp81) wrote,

WIR / Ordered a CTD MacBook Pro

WIR -- Well, mainly Saturday in Review :)

Ken was in town, so I picked him up at a friend's reception in Benicia, then drove down to SF, where we met up with Scott (biglovescottbiglovescott) and Nick (slipsbyandstopsslipsbyandstops). Drinks, pizza, flirting with hot guys (well, just one... Chris, I think that was his name... for those who were at Disneyland with me, think Dave :P), indepth, one-on-one chat with Scott -- who later intentionally poured some of his water on to my pants, walking to Safeway, getting sandwich food and munching outside, it was a ghetto fabulous evening! I haven't hung out with Scott or Nick since pride (although I've bumped into Nick a few times since then), so it was great hanging out with them.

MacBook Pro
So yesterday, Apple finally debuted their new Core 2 Duo MacBook Pro models, so I ordered a 17" :P It'll take a while to ship out due to demand (scheduled to ship out on 11/7), but I can't hardly wait! I'm tired of going downstairs to use the file sever to use the net (since it's slightly faster than the main family computer) and I miss crusing sites like xtube or Sean Cody in the privacy of my own room!

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